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Life & Style - Health
11/27/2019 1:02:48 PM
Even among smokers, people who eat more fiber and yogurt may be less likely to develop lung cancer than those who don’t consume much of these foods

Life & Style - Health
10/20/2019 1:16:43 PM
Men who are current or former smokers may be less likely to develop or die from lung cancer when they’re more physically fit

Life & Style - Health
4/18/2018 11:31:17 AM
It’s the biggest win so far for immunotherapy, which has had much of its success until now in less common cancers

Life & Style - Health
7/24/2017 2:20:08 PM
new immunotherapy drugs may restore hair pigment, at least in patients with lung cancer

Life & Style - Health
5/24/2017 12:04:05 PM
This applies to all cigarettes, because almost all the cigarettes on the market have the holes, not just the ones that used to be called lights and ultra-lights

Sports - World
3/25/2017 3:55:57 PM
Cruyff, who died of lung cancer aged 68, signed for Barca from Ajax in 1973 and helped them to a first league title in 14 years in his first campaign. He stayed until 1978

Sports - World
3/24/2016 5:54:06 PM
Reaction to the death of soccer great Johan Cruyff, who died in Barcelona on Thursday following a five-month battle with lung cancer

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10/22/2015 6:24:36 PM

Life & Style - Health
1/30/2014 11:46:48 AM

Life & Style - Health
3/31/2013 12:49:04 PM
A new research proves that soy can be a survival factor among women with lung cancer

Life & Style - Health
9/24/2012 2:29:36 PM
Microscopic particles, among the most harmful forms of air pollution, are still found at dangerous levels in Europe

World - International
2/2/2012 5:26:54 PM
Wislawa Szymborska, once described as the "Mozart of Poetry," died Wednesday after suffering from lung cancer. She was 88. Her works are translated into many languages, including Arabic.

Life & Style - Health
10/31/2011 12:37:51 PM
People who have never smoked, but who live in areas with higher air pollution levels are between 15-27 per cent more likely to die of lung cancer than people who live in cleaner air, says study on 180,000

Arts & Culture - Music
8/18/2011 3:33:00 PM
The Egyptian singer and actor passed away in Cairo on Sunday 14 August 2011, after a battle with lung cancer. Zein rose to prominence as a singer in the 1970s before becoming a well known actor in the late 1990s

Life & Style - Health
3/22/2011 3:01:11 PM
The number of lung cancer cells circulating in a patient's blood could help determine how aggressive the cancer is and predict the best treatment to use