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Antiquities - Ancient Egypt
11/26/2014 7:15:02 PM
A female ancient Egyptian mummy wearing gold jewellery has been unearthed at the temple of Thutmose III in Al-Gorna on Luxor’s west bank

Antiquities - Ancient Egypt
11/24/2014 9:39:48 AM
A sandstone head of the 18th dynasty King Amenhotep III is unearthed at Armant temple

Business - Economy
9/24/2014 8:59:52 PM
Travel bans issued in February by several European countries after bomb blast in South Sinai - but warnings have since been lifted

Egypt - Politics
9/16/2014 2:48:47 PM
A bus, traveling from Luxor to Cairo, crashes into a large truck, killing 9 and injuring 30

Egypt - Politics
9/12/2014 3:21:31 PM
One person was killed and 11 injured in two separate road accidents in Egypt on Friday

Arts & Culture - Film
9/8/2014 4:17:30 PM
Forth Luxor African Film Festival, scheduled for 17-23 March 2015, calls for film submissions

Egypt - Politics
8/26/2014 1:00:08 PM
A road accident in the southern governrate of Luxor leaves 19 dead and 22 injured late on Monday

Business - Economy
8/21/2014 6:51:17 PM
Officials hope joining two cities - one with virgin beaches, the other with famed temples - will open up tourism options in Upper Egypt

Heritage - Ancient Egypt
7/23/2014 10:07:49 AM
A painted limestone relief that was stolen and illegally smuggled to Germany during the last century arrives back in Egypt

Egypt - Politics
7/10/2014 6:01:43 PM
Luxor gangster famous for kidnapping two hot air balloons of tourists has been sentenced to death for killing a gas station employee

Heritage - Ancient Egypt
6/26/2014 1:23:02 PM
Smuggled artefacts probably came from a site close to Luxor

Heritage - Ancient Egypt
6/14/2014 5:39:49 PM
Tomb number TT 209 in Assasif area on Luxor's West Bank was rediscovered yesterday by Spanish excavators

Heritage - Ancient Egypt
6/4/2014 3:47:55 PM
German collectors praised by Egyptian officials for agreeing to return item stolen from Luxor last century

Egypt - Politics
5/31/2014 6:30:16 PM
Article 98 of Egypt's penal code says anyone convicted of offending religion in any form can face up to six years in prison

Business - Economy
5/13/2014 9:32:00 PM
Latest figures show less tourists, shorter vacation periods and a drop in tourism revenues by over 40 percent

Heritage - Ancient Egypt
5/13/2014 3:47:31 PM
Tourism and Antiquities Police find antiquities buried in two holes at Hod Zeleikha archaeological site in Giza

World - Region
5/5/2014 10:57:21 AM

Multimedia -
5/1/2014 6:09:33 PM

Heritage - Ancient Egypt
5/1/2014 12:42:01 PM
Egypt inaugurated an exact replica of the tomb of King Tutankhamun in the desert valley where many of its ancient pharaohs were buried, aiming to protect the 3,300-year-old original from deterioration caused by visiting tourists.

Heritage - Ancient Egypt
4/28/2014 4:12:48 PM
Swiss archaeological mission finds cache of 18th dynasty royal mummies on Luxor's West Bank

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