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Egypt - Politics
5/28/2013 1:29:37 PM
Striking workers say late payment of already low salaries causes serious hardship for families

Egypt - Politics
5/28/2013 1:19:01 PM
Court to decide whether to approve freezing of funds of former agriculture minister accused of selling nature reserve land in Luxor

Heritage - Ancient Egypt
5/27/2013 5:22:22 PM
The graffiti 'Ding Jinhao was here' can be removed without damaging the ancient stone relief, Egyptian officials say

Egypt - Politics
5/27/2013 9:39:52 AM
Fire on Nile cruise boat carrying 87 tourists in Upper Egypt, no injuries reported

Egypt - Politics
5/24/2013 7:18:00 PM
Egyptian security forces detain five out of 10 male relatives accused of killing three female family members in Egypt's Upper Egyptian city of Luxor

Egypt - Politics
5/14/2013 2:22:57 PM
Prosecutor-general sets bail for Coptic Christian primary schoolteacher in Luxor charged with insulting Islam; accused says 'extremist' parents incited against her

Business - Economy
5/12/2013 10:47:48 PM
Despite rising tourist numbers in this year's first quarter, industry insiders say talk of full-fledged recovery is still premature

Egypt - Politics
5/9/2013 10:05:59 PM
Coptic-Christian social studies teacher in Upper Egypt's Luxor governorate is detained for four days pending investigation after being charged with insulting Islam

Egypt - Politics
4/21/2013 10:48:58 AM
Luxor governor joins tourists on first official hot air balloon flights since accident killed 19 people on 26 February

Egypt - Politics
4/17/2013 1:45:50 PM
Forty-five days after hot air balloon crash in which 19 tourists were killed, balloon flights resume in tourist city of Luxor, according to head of Egypt's civil aviation authority

Egypt - Politics
4/5/2013 5:42:17 PM
Protesters in Cairo and Luxor reject alleged attempts by Muslim Brotherhood to oust Al-Azhar Grand Imam Ahmed El-Tayeb over food poisoning incident

Business - Economy
4/1/2013 9:27:08 PM
Within context of recent Egypt-Iran tourism agreement, 50 Iranian tourists arrive in Upper Egypt, stoking Salafist fears of perceived Shia influence in Sunni-Muslim world

Business - Economy
4/1/2013 4:47:59 PM
Following a deadly February crash, hot air balloon flights were originally scheduled to resume on 1 April; future passengers will be required to sign legal document acknowledging possible risks

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
4/1/2013 3:25:22 PM
During his short visit in Cairo, Ahram Online talks to Peter Rorvik, a jury member at the Luxor African Film Festival, about his experience in developing successful arts festivals throughout the African continent

Egypt - Politics
3/27/2013 11:20:35 AM
British woman sent to mental hospital after she strips naked and performs 'bizarre movements' in Upper Egypt's Luxor

Egypt - Politics
3/24/2013 9:43:19 AM
Civil aviation minister announces hot air balloon flights will resume in Egypt on 1 April under new safety rules following crash that killed 19 people in Luxor in February

Arts & Culture - Film
3/21/2013 7:58:06 PM
Artists from Egypt and across Africa celebrate Luxor African Film Festival with over 50 films

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
3/19/2013 1:21:57 PM
Arts forum, running until 24 March, will show the work of young artists from Upper Egypt

Business - Economy
3/11/2013 6:24:57 PM
Move comes despite reports that local authorities in Luxor had met most of striking bazaar workers' demands

Heritage - Ancient Egypt
3/11/2013 5:13:40 PM
Black granite statues of the ancient Egyptian lioness goddess Sekhmet were unearthed Monday at King Amenhotep III's temple on the west bank of Luxor

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