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World - International
5/26/2014 3:49:15 PM

World - Region
10/17/2013 3:49:39 PM
Turkey's military strikes Al-Qaeda positions inside Syria for the first time since the uprising against Bashar Al-Assad's regime

World - Region
9/17/2013 12:34:20 PM
Iranian foreign ministry spokeswoman slams Obama for using caustic terms such as 'threat' when describing possible military strikes on Syria while nuclear negotiations are to reconvene in New York next week

World - Region
9/10/2013 9:33:12 AM
Russia's initiative to put Syria's chemical weapons under international control baffles Obama's plans to pursue military strikes and go to Congress for a vote

World - Region
9/7/2013 6:51:36 PM
Syria's ruling Baath party held an emergency session to discuss the possible US military strikes against Syria

World - Region
9/6/2013 2:02:32 PM
The US State Department issued a travel warning on Friday, instructing nonessential staffers to leave Beirut

World - Region
9/4/2013 1:12:19 PM
The French government has not ruled out a vote, but it will be keen to avoid an embarrassing rejection of military strikes

World - Region
9/1/2013 12:00:00 PM
Arab foreign ministers are expected to arrive within hours for emergency meeting on Syria at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo

World - Region
8/29/2013 11:59:29 AM
'We have waited for our true enemy to reveal itself,' Syria's Bashar Al-Assad tells a Lebanese newspaper as US military strikes on his regime appear imminent

World - Region
8/27/2013 1:36:45 PM
'We have defences which will surprise others,' Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said, asserting that prospective West-launched military strikes will be met with defending action

World - Region
3/24/2013 10:43:18 AM
Israel launches military strikes on Syrian military near occupied Golan Heights

World - Region
1/26/2013 11:12:50 AM
Algerian foreign minister says that his country made mistakes in the hostage crisis in which many foreign workers were killed by Algerian military strikes

World - Region
11/15/2012 10:21:26 AM
Arab nations demanded the UN Security Council condemn Israel’s deadly attacks on Gaza at an emergency meeting, but the United States strongly defended Israel’s military strikes

World - Region
11/14/2012 8:31:32 PM
Following deadly Israeli military strikes on the Gaza Strip, killing Hamas top commander Ahmed al-Jaabari, Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas condemns attack, calls for emergency Arab League meeting

World - Region
8/24/2012 11:10:12 AM
Iran's IAEA envoy expects 'progress' in awaited talks to address the Islamic republic's nuclear weapons research work amid possibilities of military strikes by Israel against the country

World - Region
3/23/2011 12:07:27 PM
A defiant Muamer Gaddafi said Libya is "ready for battle" as Western leaders mulled their next steps on the fifth day Wednesday of UN-backed military strikes on his oil-rich country

World - Region
3/19/2011 3:08:13 PM
The crisis summit held to discuss military intervention in the Libyan situation opens as Gaddafi breaches the ceasefire resolution

World - Region
3/18/2011 11:41:06 AM
UK, France and United States will be conducting military air strikes against Gaddafi's air defenses within hours

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