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World - Region
10/21/2013 10:30:00 AM
Libya's PM says the government is 'swimming against the current'; rebels grows from tens of thousands to nearly 200,000 militiamen turning Libya's cities to fiefdoms
Egypt - Politics
10/20/2013 5:18:57 PM
Some 77 Egyptian vehicles were stopped by armed militia earlier this week in northern Libyan city of Ajdabiya
Egypt - Politics
10/19/2013 5:35:24 PM
Egypt's foreign ministry announces that intensive talks are underway with Tripoli over dozens of Egyptian drivers abducted in Libya by armed militias
World - International
10/15/2013 12:29:59 PM
If the passage of sea migrants from African countries to Europe is regulated, human rights groups fear that refugees would be stranded in the Sahara desert or left to the mercy of militias
World - International
10/13/2013 5:51:00 PM
Syrian refugees recount horrific experiences of surviving shipwreck of capsized boat fleeing Libya to Malta; Top Maltese and Libyan heads search solutions for rising phenomenon
World - Region
10/12/2013 2:16:05 PM
Libya's Muslim Brotherhood says the country's PM has failed and needs to be replaced
World - Region
10/10/2013 5:48:26 PM
Following hours-long abduction by former rebel militiamen, Libya PM Ali Zeidan urges all parties to avoid 'escalation'
World - Region
10/10/2013 2:29:26 PM
Ali Zeidan arrives at government headquarters in Tripoli on Thursday shortly after he was freed from captivity of militiamen
World - Region
10/10/2013 12:54:26 PM
Libya's foreign minister says the premier was released Thursday several hours after being seized from a Tripoli hotel by former rebel militiamen
World - Region
10/5/2013 4:10:38 PM
Shelling of isolated Sunni town Al-Mitras could signal another wave of mass killings by pro-Assad militias
World - Region
10/5/2013 3:55:26 PM
A reporter and cameraman for the private Al-Sharqiya TV channel were shot in Mosul and three Sunni militiamen opposed to Al-Qaida were killed by a roadside bomb in Youssifiyah on Saturday
World - Region
10/2/2013 7:57:23 PM
Militia-run jails have seen 27 deaths associated with physical abuse in the last 2 years according to a new UN report
World - Region
10/2/2013 1:19:45 PM
Many armed militia groups who fought Gaddafi in 2011 have refused to give up their weapons and effectively control parts of the country
World - Region
9/8/2013 8:17:36 PM
Militia that kidnapped Anoud el-Senoussi claimed to be protecting her from criminal gangs amid a security vacuum in the country
World - Region
9/8/2013 2:52:21 PM
Government-linked militia and paramilitary groups are also suspected to have carried out many kidnappings, carjackings and other crimes in the region
World - Region
8/19/2013 1:21:04 PM
Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards paramilitary units plan to teach drone-hunting to school students, a report said
World - Region
8/17/2013 7:24:07 PM
After Kurdish militia expelled jihadists in Ras al-Ain last month, Al-Qaeda counters by killing 17 and sending residents pouring into Turkey
World - Region
8/2/2013 1:24:47 PM
Two weeks ago, fighters allied to the Democratic Union Party (PYD), the strongest local Kurdish group with its well-armed and effective militias, captured the town from Nusra fighters
World - Region
7/23/2013 12:29:43 PM
'Preventive measures' should be taken to stop Hezbollah militia, fighting alongside Bashar al-Assad's forces, from intervening in Syria, says National Coalition
World - Region
7/20/2013 3:15:21 PM
Although Iraqi Al-Sistani refuses to sanction fighting in Syria war, influential Shia parties and militias following Iran's direction and sending fighters
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