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World - Region
7/19/2013 1:15:03 PM
Syrian regime forces have laid siege to rebel-held Khaldiyeh neighbourhood in Homs for more than a year
World - Region
7/16/2013 1:05:23 PM
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights members of pro-regime militia kills seven Sunni men in Homs
World - Region
7/12/2013 11:13:34 AM
The latest round of fighting erupted between government troops, rebels and ethnic militia one week ago in Pibor country
World - Region
7/10/2013 9:31:58 PM
The recently-dispersed armed group that had occupied the Libyan interior ministry building last week says group of former regime militiamen are in liaison with ministry
World - Region
7/8/2013 1:08:14 PM
A former commander of the feared Janjaweed militia is attacked during battles which state officials blamed on "differences" between members of the security forces
World - Region
7/7/2013 7:56:05 PM
"No brigades, no militias, we want an army loyal to the state," chanted Libyans protesting against the presence of former rebel fighter militias
Egypt - Politics
7/6/2013 5:16:00 PM
Minister of Insurance and Social Affairs asks ministry's legal affairs department to contact public prosecution regarding investigations into Sunday's torching of Muslim Brotherhood HQ
World - Region
6/28/2013 3:08:07 PM
Eleven killed, 22 wounded in explosion near checkpoint run by government-allied Sahwa militiamen in the village of Zangoura, Iraq
World - Region
6/28/2013 1:44:04 PM
Kurdish militia opened fire on a protest opposing its control of Syrian town of Amuda, leading to the death of three protesters
World - Region
6/15/2013 12:06:29 PM
Three soldiers in the Libyan army were killed Saturday in an exchange of fire with armed activists who earlier assaulted an army base in Benghazi
World - International
6/8/2013 5:16:54 PM
At least 18 have been killed in gunbattles in southern Somalia's Kismayu, in the heaviest fighting the disputed port city has seen in more than four years
World - Region
5/26/2013 8:44:21 PM
The police had also detained officials from the League for the Protection of the Revolution
World - Region
5/24/2013 2:32:11 PM
British government says convincing European countries to blacklist Lebanese Hezbollah military wing will be difficult, provides 'strong evidence' to support proposal
World - Region
5/20/2013 12:15:50 PM
At least 30 fighters from Lebanese Hezbollah group and 20 Syrian soldiers and militiamen loyal to al-Assad are killed in heavy fighting with rebels in the town of Qusair
World - Region
5/13/2013 2:31:16 PM
A Red Cross Swiss worker was kidnapped by gunmen belonging to Al-Marakisha tribe in Yemen, a local militia leader said
Opinion -
5/9/2013 8:40:20 PM
Hassan Nasrallah’s recent admission that his militiamen are fighting alongside the regime of Bashar El-Assad confirms for many his betrayal of the Arab cause for sectarian interests
World - International
5/9/2013 5:07:58 PM
Nigerian militia group kill 46 police officers in an ambush in the central state of Nassarawa this week; police say a lesser-known local cult is behind the killings and not Islamists
World - Region
5/9/2013 2:41:56 PM
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says 'pro-regime militia and Hizbullah fighters' are moving into the Qusayr area, held until now by rebel forces
World - Region
5/6/2013 11:28:44 AM
'We are determined to continue our movement until the departure of PM', leader of the Libyan militias besieging ministries asserts
World - Region
5/2/2013 7:13:02 PM
Libyan militiamen refuse demands of a delegation representing the government to lift the siege over the foreign affairs and justice ministries
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