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Sports - World
8/12/2013 4:15:54 PM
Rooney looked good, as I expected. There was no doubt in my mind in the session that he was not suffering from a physical injury, says Hodgson

Life & Style - Health
8/6/2013 2:55:07 PM
A surprising finding points out to similaties between the minds of the autistic and those suffering from the food eating disorder known as anorexia nervosa.

Sports - World
7/20/2013 4:40:10 PM
Manchester United coach David Moyes says ‘bring on the mind games’ as he gets ready for the new season

Sports - Egyptian Football
7/12/2013 3:21:32 PM
Egypt’s highly-rated custodian Mosaad Awad does not mind sitting on the bench at Cairo giants Ahly

Sports - World
6/28/2013 2:07:15 PM
I was really confident in myself and in the team. At that moment, I didn't let anything cross my mind because I was so certain what the objective was, Navas said

Sports - Omni Sports
5/24/2013 10:26:10 AM
I decided I didn't want to play anymore and I had to re-evaluate a lot of things, says Azarenka

Opinion -
5/18/2013 5:33:07 PM
Accusing Egyptian expats abroad of being unpatriotic is narrow minded. They have expertise the country sorely needs

Multimedia -
5/1/2013 11:33:40 AM
A group of young eco minded Egyptians hold workshops on how to build low cost solar water heaters - believing the sun could be the solution to Egypt's energy crisis

World - International
4/17/2013 7:06:15 PM
US authorities say they have a suspect in mind for sender of poisonous letter addressed to Obama

Sports - World
3/25/2013 3:42:53 PM
France are set to face Spain in the European 2014 World Cup qualifiers on Tuesday

World - International
2/11/2013 2:15:55 PM
Both strength of mind and body are necessary to lead the Catholic Church, says Pope Benedict XVI when he resigned in a meeting of Vatican cardinals

World - International
1/8/2013 11:34:03 AM
According to the Human Rights watch, that Bahrain's Court of Cassation upheld the long prison terms for 13 activists who allegedly plotted to overthrow the monarchy is proof of the nation's inability to protect basic human rights

Egypt - Politics
12/16/2012 1:32:52 PM
The Muslim Brotherhood's political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party, publishes an official statement with its own vote tally for the first half of the constitutional referendum

World - Region
12/14/2012 5:24:10 PM
Meat cleaver-wielding Salafists attack hotel bar in Tunisian city of Subaytilah in growing struggle between ultra-conservative Muslims and their more secular-minded compatriots

Egypt - Politics
12/6/2012 10:28:39 AM
Thousands of pro- and anti-Morsi forces clash Wednesday night outside the presidential palace as opposition says leader's legitimacy is in 'jeopardy'; two Morsi aides resign to protest Brotherhood's 'narrow-mindedness'

Life & Style - Food
11/24/2012 12:17:00 PM
Greenpeace conscious-minded fashion

Sports - National Teams
11/11/2012 9:00:58 PM
Egypt coach Bob Bradley says Mohamed Zidan might return to the national team fold

Folk - Photo Heritage
11/8/2012 3:43:32 PM
The architecture of Al-Hakim Mosque in Fatimid Cairo is testament to the unstable mind of the caliph for whom it was built

Sports - World
10/2/2012 10:15:49 AM
The spanish giants have reached the Champions League semi-finals for the last two years

Egypt - Politics
9/24/2012 2:51:41 PM
National Party of Egypt leader calls for constituent assembly to be disbanded; says party looking to merge or form alliance with like-minded rivals

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