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Egypt - Politics
7/18/2020 6:46:54 PM

Egypt - Politics
3/7/2015 3:27:53 PM
Senior officials responsible for National Security, General Security and Sinai were among those replaced

Egypt - Politics
7/31/2014 3:47:11 PM
In this latest Interior Ministry reshuffle, 518 police generals, colonels and brigadier generals have been forced into retirement and 4 policewomen promoted to generals

Business - Economy
9/4/2012 1:58:55 PM
Veteran tax inspector Mamdouh Omar will hold the post for one year, as finance ministry reshuffles key posts

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
9/2/2012 3:52:27 PM
Egypt's Ministr of Culture says new heads in the theatre and folk arts sectors will be appointed soon and that his office director - accused of corruption - stays