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World - International
8/14/2012 11:33:54 AM
A 7.7 magnitude earthquake struck the east Russian coast, US and Japanese monitors said

Business - Economy
7/11/2012 2:45:57 PM
Global banking giant is set to tell lawmakers that 'unacceptable behaviour' slipped its monitors, according to an internal memom

World - Region
6/20/2012 2:08:25 AM

World - Region
6/8/2012 4:17:37 PM

World - Region
6/8/2012 12:33:25 PM
UN monitors are to try again to reach the site of a new Syrian massacre after they were fired on when it tried to investigate the slaughter

World - Region
6/7/2012 5:12:07 PM
Following the scene of a new massacre in the Syrian province of Hama, UN monitors are shot at and Ban Ki-moon responds by stating that Bashar al-Assad has "lost all legitimacy"

World - Region
5/18/2012 1:00:25 PM
The UNSMIS is closing on its full strength of 300 monitors as the international community insists on Annan's plan for solving the year-long crisis in Syria despite possibilities of its failure and absence of plan B

World - Region
5/9/2012 10:56:38 AM

World - Region
5/9/2012 10:18:14 AM
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports that Bashar al-Assad forces shelled the town of Douma near Damascus, while raking a village in the country's northwest with machinegun fire and killing a civilian

World - Region
5/8/2012 6:06:55 PM
UN Syria envoy Kofi Annan lays responsibility of continuing hostilities on Assad, says peace plan may be "last chance" to avoid civil war

World - Region
5/6/2012 9:45:53 AM
The United Nation says the Al-Assad regime troops are still using heavy weapons and tanks are not pulled from the cities which is a blatant violation to the Arab-UN brokered peace plan

World - Region
4/27/2012 1:38:57 PM
A full advance team of 30 ceasefire monitors is expected in Syria by Monday, the spokesman for Kofi Annan said

World - Region
4/25/2012 11:40:35 AM
UN-Arab League envoy Annan accuses the Syrian regime of non-fulfillment of a promise to end violence amid calls by Security Council to speed up deployment of 300 ceasefire-monitors in the troubled state

World - Region
4/22/2012 2:00:21 PM
International mediator Kofi Annan says UNSC decision to deploy 300 fresh monitors to Syria to observe truce signifies 'pivotal moment' for strife-wracked country

World - Region
4/21/2012 4:47:57 PM
In the first day of the UN ceasefire monitors mission to Syria, Arab League and western powers start to discuss plan 'B' in case the monitors mission failed

World - Region
4/21/2012 2:41:26 PM
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says a huge explosion rocks the Mazzeh military airport in Damascus

World - Region
4/21/2012 2:30:31 PM
Activists in Homs say bombardment stopped in the flashpoint city for the first time in weeks

World - Region
4/16/2012 11:41:52 AM
Six of an intended 30 UN observers arrive in Damascus, Syria embarking on a watchful mission to help the regime and opposition keep to the UN-brokered peace plan

World - Region
4/15/2012 10:19:21 AM

World - Region
4/14/2012 7:10:46 PM
The U.N. Security Council unanimously authorizes the deployment of initial team of unarmed truce observers to Syria

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