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Life & Style - City Lights
12/10/2018 7:36:41 PM

Opinion -
10/27/2018 12:23:09 PM
The 26th General Conference of the International Council of Museums will be the first to be held in the Arab region in a city that invented the very concept of the museum

Antiquities - Ancient Egypt
6/24/2018 8:30:54 PM

Egypt - Politics
6/7/2018 8:46:14 PM
Alexandria has been selected following fierce competition from Oslo and Prague

Opinion -
3/9/2018 4:55:55 PM
How can Western museums reconcile respect for cultural property with hogging the world’s antiquities

Antiquities - Ancient Egypt
9/28/2017 12:53:48 PM
The ministry is hoping to promote Egypt's archaeological sites and museums via adverts and brochures in hotels

Egypt - Politics
2/15/2017 9:11:52 PM
El-Sisi awarded Bokova the First Order of Egypt Award in appreciation for her recent efforts in facilitating several projects by the UNESCO in Egypt

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
12/21/2016 11:41:15 AM

Antiquities - Ancient Egypt
12/15/2016 6:31:11 PM
Antiquities authorities are tightening security measures at archaeological sites in the aftermath of Sunday Cairo church bombing

Antiquities - Museums
10/9/2016 6:08:35 PM

Antiquities - Museums
8/8/2016 5:10:58 PM
The Egyptian Museum in Tahrir received the most museum visitors in July

Antiquities - Ancient Egypt
7/27/2016 2:24:47 PM
A map of all of Egypt's archaeological sites and museums has been created and will be launched for the first time on sites around the country

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
7/12/2016 5:38:36 PM
The projects include culture palaces, museums and libraries

Egypt - Politics
6/26/2016 10:43:03 PM

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
6/2/2016 7:16:49 PM

World - International
6/2/2016 5:09:56 PM

Antiquities - Ancient Egypt
4/19/2016 5:13:44 PM
The French president and the German vice-chancellor toured several archaeological sites in Egypt during their diplomatic visit to the country

Antiquities - Museums
3/29/2016 6:54:30 PM
The minister of antiquities went on an inspection tour to the Grand Egyptian Museum overlooking Giza Plateau and the National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation at Fustat

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
1/19/2016 5:23:16 PM
The Victoria and Albert museums' announced on Tuesday that eleven artists have been shortlisted for the biannual Jameel prize, including two Egyptians

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
12/17/2015 6:18:57 PM
The Sharjah gallery hosts the exhibit of AUC’s graphic design students' graduation projects

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