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Books - Reviews
4/27/2017 7:31:46 PM
Amr Shaarawi's debut novel follows the troubled fortunes of a former army officer from Ahmed Orabi's defeated army – tackling the themes of romance, revolution and national sovereignty

Opinion -
4/19/2013 11:45:36 AM
Egypt is descending deeper into the trap of borrowing and repaying debt. This trap is not only an economic one, but also a political one, with consequences for Egyptian national sovereignty

World - International
1/25/2012 2:21:56 PM
23 year old Mahmmood is found guilty of betrayal and treason to the people, national sovereignty, independence, internal security and covert activities against the government of Afghanistan

Opinion -
8/4/2011 2:36:41 PM
Individual freedom is supported by, and perhaps only possible within, a context of national sovereignty and independence, particularly from foreign interference and occupation