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World - Region
12/11/2011 5:18:42 PM
Top Iranian oil official warns western nations, including the US, of imposing sanctions on the country's oil exports, saying it would damage the global crude market
World - Region
12/9/2011 2:09:58 PM
European leaders to call for new sanctions on Iran as 'a matter of priority' during EU summit meeting
World - Region
12/3/2011 2:31:10 PM
Iranian cleric urge his government to respect the international law in its relations with western countries
World - Region
12/2/2011 3:00:44 PM
The storming of Britain's embassy in Tehran this week will likely deepen the isolation of Iran, which is already criticised for its nuclear programme, human rights record and alleged support for militants
World - Region
11/28/2011 3:42:07 PM
Iran's parliament approves a bill stipulating the expulsion of the British ambassador within two weeks in response for fresh Western sanction over Tehran's nuclear programme, being approved by the Guardian Council
World - Region
11/28/2011 1:14:38 PM
Iran banns a US computer game showing a US invasion to Tehran amid Iranian-Western tensions on the country's controversial nuclear program
World - Region
11/27/2011 10:54:13 AM
Iranian move comes in response to latest wave of sanctions imposed by the West for Tehran's nuclear programme
World - Region
11/21/2011 12:13:59 PM
Iran has the military capacity to send Israel to 'the dustbin of history' if its government launches a military attack against Tehran, says official
World - Region
11/21/2011 11:42:26 AM
Following an IAEA report and Iran's alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi envoy to Washington, the US ushered the magic words that will trigger potentially destabilising sanctions on Tehran's economy
World - Region
11/20/2011 7:52:55 PM
Iranian officials threaten to use oil as weapon if US/Israeli war is launched on the country
World - Region
11/19/2011 2:54:54 PM
The Iranian army is conducting a four-day training exercise to test its defences, amid rising international tensions over Iran's nuclear programme
World - Region
11/19/2011 12:08:30 PM
Iran now faces an 'unprecedented' level of isolation after global bodies condemned its nuclear programme and an alleged terror plot
World - Region
11/18/2011 7:15:17 PM
The board of governors of the United Nations’ nuclear agency has agreed on a draft resolution that harshly criticizes Iran, but refrains from calling for new sanctions
World - Region
11/18/2011 10:31:48 AM
U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says any military attack on Iran would have implications for the American troops in the Middle East region
World - Region
11/14/2011 1:16:07 PM
European Union foreign ministers threaten to increase pressure on Iran over its controversial nuclear programme but are divided over possible military action
World - Region
11/10/2011 12:42:16 PM
The Soviet scientist Vyacheslav Danilenko refutes US and IAEA claims of contributing to the development of Iran's nuclear program
World - Region
11/9/2011 12:34:38 PM
UN nuclear agency report on Iran nuclear program claims that Tehran has moved a nuclear material to underground facility to pursuit of sensitive atomic activities
World - Region
11/6/2011 1:09:05 PM
Israeli President Shimon Peres warns that an attack on Iran is becoming increasingly likely, days before a report is published by the UN's nuclear watchdog on Iran's nuclear programme
World - International
10/24/2011 3:07:47 PM
Officials keep expectations low for talks aimed at managing tensions on the Korean peninsula
World - Region
10/18/2011 12:40:02 PM
Iran's nuclear programme is struggling with low-performing enrichment machines but it would still be able to produce material that could be used for atomic bombs, according to a U.S. think tank
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