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World - International
1/22/2013 3:08:29 PM
Despite a ceasefire, police in Indian Kashmir publish an advisory to build nuclear bunkers vividly describing fallout in the case there was an attack

World - Region
5/4/2012 2:36:15 PM
Head of the Iranian envoy to the IAEA says there is no reason for his country to shut its Fordow enrichment facility

World - Region
4/8/2012 3:59:35 PM
West's demands of Iran to close nuclear bunker is 'irrational' says country's nuclear chief

World - Region
6/22/2011 11:08:48 AM
Israeli leaders holed up in a new underground nuclear bunker on Wednesday as part of annual nationwide manoeuvres to prepare for a possible missile war with Iran, Syria and their Lebanese and Palestinian allies

World - International
12/10/2010 1:31:01 PM
The whistleblower's website, WikiLeaks, seems very secure in a nuclear-proof, science-fictionesque bunker which houses a data centre with over 8,000 servers