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Arts & Culture - Art Alert
12/5/2021 7:18:23 PM
Trio Alba — a renowned Austrian classical music ensemble — will be performing works of Ludwig van Beethoven, Friedrich Cerha, and Bedřich Smetana at the Cairo Opera House’s Open-Air Theatre on Wednesday 8 December.

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
9/27/2020 5:31:37 PM
Cinema Masr includes 65 students presenting on stage around 40 scenes from memorable Egyptian films in a dramatic context created by acclaimed director Khaled Galal

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
8/7/2020 6:28:16 PM
The performance will take place at the Cairo Opera House's open-air theatre

Arts & Culture - Music
8/7/2020 6:12:08 PM
Over the past years, Said El Artist has become among the most sought after tabla players in Egypt and the Arab region

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
7/17/2020 5:58:51 PM
Two shows, El Leila El Kebira and The Miser attracted large scores of audiences to an open-air theatre erected at the Cairo Opera's grounds on Thursday

Arts & Culture - Music
7/8/2020 2:55:17 PM
El Nafikha brass quintet's repertoire includes musical medleys and songs arranged for the ensemble by the trumpeter Mohamed Sawwah

Arts & Culture - Music
7/6/2020 8:58:07 PM
The Cairo Opera House has prepared a rich programme for the upcoming weeks. Tickets are available online

Arts & Culture - Music
11/15/2018 5:10:52 PM
The concert will take place in the open-air theatre of the Cairo Opera

Arts & Culture - Music
8/3/2016 3:01:25 PM
Younan performed at the Cairo Opera House on 2 August and is scheduled to hold a second concert Thursday, 4 August, at Bibliotheca Alexandrina's open-air theatre

Arts & Culture - Music
5/25/2016 8:56:36 PM
The performance will take place at Cairo Opera House’s Open-air Theatre

Arts & Culture - Music
4/2/2016 3:33:50 PM
The accomplished Egyptian harpist received the prestigious State Incentive Award for Arts in 2013

Arts & Culture - Music
7/21/2015 5:16:13 PM
The Cairo Opera House annual Summer Festival which runs between 23 July and 31 August at the Open Air Theatre offers a variety of music events for all the tastes. Check the complete programme below

Multimedia -
4/26/2015 5:45:30 PM
Souad Massi began her short tour of Egypt in Alexandria on Friday 24 April at the Open Air Theatre, Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Her Cairo concert is scheduled on Sunday 26 April in Uptown Cairo

Arts & Culture - Music
8/28/2014 4:22:44 PM
With the Cairo Opera Summer Festival approaching its end, the acclaimed Egyptian harpist Manal Mohie Eldin will perform with her music ensemble on Wednesday 3 September at the Opera's open air theatre

Arts & Culture - Music
8/2/2014 9:24:57 AM
Between 5 August and 4 September, the Cairo Opera House presents its annual Summer Festival filled with Arabic music, Sufi singing and jazz

Arts & Culture - Music
6/29/2014 11:52:45 AM
Between 9 and 24 July, the Cairo Opera House will hold a series of Ramadan evenings at the Open Air Theatre featuring Egyptian musicians as well as troupes from Sudan and Indonesia

Arts & Culture - Music
8/11/2013 4:23:03 PM
Taking advantage of the last weeks of summer, the open air theatre at the Opera House hosts the annual Summer Festival from 15 August to 4 September

Timeout - Music & Nightlife
9/27/2012 1:49:58 PM
Concert at the Open Air Theatre

Timeout - Music & Nightlife
9/27/2012 1:45:43 PM
The Open Air Theatre will see the Kenouz ensemble concert

Timeout - Music & Nightlife
9/27/2012 1:35:52 PM
Yehia Nadim at the Open Air Theatre

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