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Opinion -
7/13/2016 11:50:53 PM
A negative opinion of NGOs has continued throughout multiple political regimes in Egypt. Thus, the new NGO law must take into consideration ways to change this attitude and to cope with the problems NGOs may face

Opinion -
6/11/2016 10:39:09 AM
Egypt's draft law for organising media, currently awaiting parliamentary debate and approval, has worrying structural defects

Sports - World
11/14/2015 9:42:04 PM

Opinion -
10/15/2015 1:09:53 PM
The unified law for media and journalism recently announced by the 50-person committee is an important step to organising the media. However, there are some articles that need to be reconsidered

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
8/7/2015 9:51:30 PM
A Facebook group is organising a tour of the two Cairo sites

Egypt - Politics
5/27/2015 3:42:39 PM
Egypt has been active in organising talks between Syrian opposition figures and other opponents of Assad in an attempt to end the conflict in Syria

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
4/29/2015 8:02:54 PM
Ahram Online talks with Martin Green, CEO of Hull City of Culture 2017, about organising large cultural events, such as the London Olympics 2012 ceremonies, and the importance of cultural practices in society

Egypt - Politics
11/11/2014 9:46:40 AM
Defendants are accused of organising an illegal protest and using violence against police at a demonstration against military trials of civilians

Books -
8/3/2014 4:14:01 PM
Prime minister appoints new members of council responsible for setting and organising policies of culture ministry

Sports - Omni Sports
7/31/2014 12:41:04 PM
Cho had earlier said he was too busy for role, IOC welcomes his appointment

Egypt - Politics
7/13/2014 11:13:58 AM
Several political parties and revolutionary movements are organising a protest in solidarity with Palestinians at the Journalists' Syndicate Sunday

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
7/8/2014 1:42:16 PM
Ministry's decision comes after a meeting between the artists and intellectuals organising the street art festival and the Minister of Culture

Egypt - Politics
6/28/2014 5:14:25 PM
El-Massry was convicted of organising an unauthorised protest, blocking the road, assaulting a police officer and destroying a police vehicle at a protest last year

Egypt - Politics
5/21/2014 8:04:42 PM
Activist Mahienour El-Masry was convicted of organising an illegal protest and sentenced to 2 years in jail on Tuesday

Egypt - Politics
5/20/2014 2:33:46 PM
A group of activists were convicted of organising an unauthorised protest, blocking the road, assaulting a police officer and destroying a police vehicle on 2 December

Egypt - Politics
3/9/2014 5:09:21 PM
Prominent secular activist Alaa Abdel-Fattah has been detained since November 2013 on charges of organising an unauthorised protest

Egypt - Politics
1/9/2014 7:31:51 PM
The prominent 25 January activists received 3 years in jail for organising illegal demonstration and attacking security forces

Egypt - Politics
12/16/2013 9:56:05 PM
Head of State Information Service says group organising Saturday's press conference for constitution committee was responsible for spelling mistake, adding that criticism of using photos of non-Egyptians was 'overblown'

Egypt - Politics
11/29/2013 6:09:14 PM
Prosecutors have charged Alaa Abdel-Fattah with organising an illegal demonstration, thuggery and inciting violence

Business - Economy
11/28/2013 9:55:25 AM
Publicly owned firm organising loan to pay striking workers' profit share due in November

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