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Life & Style - Health
3/1/2021 12:16:12 PM
Cosmetic gynaecologist Amr Seifeddin talks about supporting FGM survivors through treatment, therapy and surgeries that allow damaged organs to regain function
Life & Style - Health
2/11/2017 8:17:43 PM
WHO's Nunez Pena said WHO officials were now focusing on other countries like Egypt and Sri Lanka as worrisome centers of organ harvesting.
Egypt - Politics
12/6/2016 5:32:44 PM
Among the suspects arrested include professors from Cairo and Ain Shams universities
Life & Style - Health
10/17/2016 11:25:30 AM
The atlas aims to chart the types of all human cells across all tissues and organs and build a reference map of the healthy human body
World - Region
3/27/2014 6:57:26 PM
World - Region
1/2/2014 11:47:38 AM
Life & Style - Health
6/27/2013 12:32:51 PM
New research proves link between heart failure and cancer, urges regular checkups
World - Region
5/14/2013 6:36:56 PM
A Syrian rebel who was filmed apparently cutting out and eating the organs of a soldier has defended his actions as revenge for regime atrocities
Arts & Culture - Music
5/5/2013 6:24:24 PM
Notre Dame, France's most famous cathedral continues to inspire with its historical organs
Opinion -
5/5/2013 4:55:08 PM
The Muslim Brotherhood is in need of genuine reform at the level of organs and leadership, to allow in new blood that is capable of integrating in society as a political movement, not as a closed faction
Business - Economy
10/15/2012 1:31:21 PM
Two US economists won the esteemed prize for their theory of stable allocations and the practice of market design, which has many practical applications, including helping match donors of human organs with patients
World - Region
10/7/2012 3:28:53 PM
A Gulf civil society organsation calls Saudi Arabia for the release of Raef Badawi, a political activist arrested on accusations of setting up a liberal website on the internet
Books -
4/18/2012 6:43:15 PM
Abdel-Latif imagines a world in which women develop male sexual organs to investigate issues surrounding femininity
World - International
8/29/2011 1:23:53 PM
US prosecutor to investigate claims that Prime Minister Hashim Thaci led a criminal network that sold organs of civilian captives during the 1998-99 Kosovo war
Egypt - Politics
2/21/2011 12:00:00 AM
In the wake of the 18 day uprising, Egyptians begin to call for a public takeover of state media organs considered to be part and parcel of the widely loathed regime
Arts & Culture - Music
1/11/2011 11:39:00 AM
The Basilica Church of Heliopolis is home to one of the first pipe organs in Egypt. The Basilica invites everyone to a concert to listen to the wonderful music coming from this very rare instrument

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