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Business - Energy
3/3/2024 6:39:10 PM
Russia will cut oil production by almost half a million barrels per day in the second quarter of 2024, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said Sunday.

Business - Economy
11/30/2023 2:08:17 PM
Uncertainty hovered over what major oil-producing nations -- collectively known as OPEC+ -- will decide on output policy as they headed into virtual meetings Thursday in a bid to halt a continuous slump in prices.

Business - Economy
10/4/2023 5:00:50 PM
An OPEC+ panel recommended Wednesday that the oil cartel keep its current output reduction strategy unchanged after heavyweights Saudi Arabia and Russia vowed to maintain their cuts to prop up prices.

Business - Economy
9/18/2023 2:22:19 PM
Gas production in the giant offshore Zohr field went down by 11 percent in fiscal year 2022/2023, Egypt's Petroleum and Mineral Resources Ministry stated on Monday.

Opinion -
8/29/2023 11:54:21 AM
According to figures from the World Trade Organization, the economies of the BRICS countries will account for roughly $26 trillion in global output in 2022, control about 17 percent of global commerce, and account for 27 percent of the planet's surface area.

Business - Energy
8/3/2023 5:20:33 PM
Saudi Arabia announced Thursday it is extending a voluntary oil production cut of one million barrels per day for another month, keeping up its campaign to prop up prices.

Business - Economy
6/5/2023 1:30:20 PM
The decline in Egypt's non-oil private sector slowed down in May, as demand stabilized and inflation eased, S&P Global Egypt Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) report showed.

Business - Economy
6/5/2023 12:50:35 PM
Markets built on a global rally Monday after a mixed US jobs report lifted hopes the Federal Reserve will skip an interest rate hike this month, while oil extended gains after Saudi Arabia slashed output.

Business - Energy
6/4/2023 8:21:44 PM
Riyadh on Sunday announced it would slash output further by one million barrels per day in a bid to prop up prices, despite fears of a recession.

World - Region
6/2/2023 1:32:02 PM
Signs of discord between top crude oil producers Saudi Arabia and Russia are set to overshadow an OPEC+ output policy meeting on Sunday that will test their alliance.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt
4/25/2023 7:51:39 PM
Amira Hisham interviews Margaret Saroufim, coordinator of Cultivate, a new initiative which aims to help small farmers while boosting agricultural output

Business - Economy
4/6/2023 2:21:36 PM
German industrial production rose more than expected in February thanks to a strong bounce in the car industry as the sector begins to shake off supply issues, official data showed Thursday.

Business - Economy
4/4/2023 12:41:42 PM
Egypt’s headline Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) for the non-oil private sector fell slightly in March to 46.7, down from 46.9 seen in February, Standard and Poor’s (S&P) Global said on Tuesday.

Business - Energy
4/3/2023 1:19:42 PM
Oil output cuts by Russia, Saudi Arabia and other major oil producers are "in the interests" of global markets, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Monday, adding: "whether other countries are happy with this or not is their business."

Business - Energy
4/3/2023 11:24:04 AM
Oil prices soared Monday after top producers unveiled a shock output cut of more than a million barrels per day, while equities mostly rose after data showed US and European inflation eased further last month.

Business - Economy
3/5/2023 6:53:03 PM
Egypt’s Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) for the non-oil private sector upped slightly in February to 46.9 from 45.5 seen in January, remaining below the 50 neutral mark, Standard and Poor's (S&P) Global said on Sunday.

Business - Economy
2/16/2023 10:48:02 AM
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has downgraded its forecasts for Egypt’s output growth in 2023 to 4.3 percent, down from five percent it projected in May, before bouncing back to five percent in 2024, according to the bank’s update on the Regional Economic Prospects Report the bank issued on Thursday.

Business - Economy
2/10/2023 2:13:46 PM
Russia will reduce its oil output by 500,000 barrels per day in March, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said on Friday.

Business - Economy
2/5/2023 2:25:46 PM
Egypt's purchasing managers' index (PMI) for the non-oil private sector declined by 1.7 points in January to 45.5, down from 47.2 in December – one of the swiftest deteriorations in the last 26 months – according to Standard and Poor's (S&P) Global.

Business - Energy
2/1/2023 6:45:20 PM
A committee of major oil producers recommended Wednesday to maintain the cartel's current reduced output strategy, as the global economic outlook remains uncertain and the war in Ukraine drags on.

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