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Sports - Talents Abroad
11/28/2012 2:27:05 PM
Steve Bruce hails 'breathtaking' crosses of Egyptian winger during 0-0 draw with Crystal Palace on Tuesday, laments wasted chances

Egypt - Politics
11/28/2012 12:10:44 PM
The Strong Egypt Party will march to the presidential palace to press for the implementation of its initiative to resolve the current crisis

Egypt - Politics
11/23/2012 7:50:37 PM
Thousands still chant in Tahrir against brotherhood, street battles between police and protesters continue near Square, tens of pro-Morsi supporters remain at presidential palace

Egypt - Politics
11/23/2012 6:40:28 PM
In a speech to supporters in front of the presidential palace, Morsi says he stands by his supporters and opposition alike, condemns 'attacks' on police which he said were carried out by 'paid thugs'

Egypt - Politics
11/23/2012 11:13:19 AM
Thousands in Tahrir condemn Morsi's Constitutional Declaration while pro-Morsi demonstrators gather at presidential palace; clashes erupt outside FJP offices across Egypt; fighting on Mohamed Mahmoud Street

Sports - Africa
11/13/2012 3:17:07 PM
Wilfried Zaha faces a choice between two national teams England and Ivory Coast

Egypt - Politics
11/9/2012 12:42:09 PM
Recent policy U-turns suggest that govt decision-making has yet to be coordinated between presidency, state and Egypt's formidable Muslim Brotherhood

World - Region
11/7/2012 4:20:18 PM
Further highlighting the ebbing boldness of Syrian forces desiring to terminate Bashar al-Assad's family'd reign, rebels fired mortars at the president's palace in Damascus but missed

Books -
10/22/2012 11:59:06 AM
Poet Paul Shaoul ends four-day visit to Egypt with discussion about his collection 'Packet of Cigarette Papers' which the Freedom and Justice Party’s newspaper has condemned for ‘promoting’ cigarettes

World - Region
10/20/2012 11:25:11 AM
Kuwaiti interior ministry places security agencies and the police on alert amid warnings of violence following calls by opposition groups to demonstrate on Sunday against a decision to amend the electoral law

Egypt - Politics
10/15/2012 9:43:21 PM
Protesters with special needs who are demonstrating at the presidential palace file reports against presidential guards accusing them of assault

Heritage -
10/13/2012 7:25:00 PM
After the heirs of Zeinab Al-Wakeel sold her house in Al-Marg, the palace where Mohamed Naguib was placed under house arrest by order of the Free Officers has been demolished

Arts & Culture - Music
10/13/2012 3:32:14 PM
On Sunday 14 October, French-Iranian pianist Nima Sarkechik will give a piano recital at the historic Manasterly Palace

Sports - Egyptian Football
10/11/2012 7:35:21 PM
Thousands of Ahly's hardcore fans (Ultras Ahlawy) march on the presidential palace in Cairo to demand football season start only after justice is served in case of Port Said stadium victims

Egypt - Politics
10/5/2012 3:32:54 PM
A broad coalition of women's groups protested draft articles of the new constitution which they say jeopardise equal rights in a future Egypt

Multimedia -
10/5/2012 12:00:00 AM
On Thursday 4 October, the International Circus Festival (CirCairo) launched its Cairo festivities with a public event in Abdeen Square in front of Cairo's old ruling point, Abdeen Palace. Photos by Bassam Al Zoghby

Egypt - Politics
10/4/2012 2:37:44 PM
Women's organisations and political parties, calling for criminalisation of sexual harassment, to form human chain around presidential palace and submit demands to President Morsi, 6pm Thursday

World - International
9/16/2012 7:45:42 PM
Britain's Prince William and his wife Catherine are to lodge a criminal complaint in France over the taking and publication of topless photographs which appeared last week in a French magazine, a palace spokeswoman said Sunday

Egypt - Politics
9/10/2012 5:59:58 PM
Activists in Egypt plan rally at Presidential Palace on Monday evening to demand release of doctor detained by Lebanese authorities for possessing high-tech transmission device

Timeout - Visual Arts
9/8/2012 1:17:10 PM
The Culture of Thailand at the Palace of Arts at the Cairo Opera grounds

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