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Egypt - Politics
7/2/2012 11:47:05 AM
Prominent activists and hundreds of protesters on Sunday demand Egypt's newly-inaugurated president release all those who faced military trials including officers who supported the revolution in Tahrir

Egypt - Politics
7/2/2012 10:33:44 AM
If Egypt's new president, Mohamed Morsi, needs any reminder of the weight of expectations bearing down as he begins work, he can glance from a window of the presidential palace

Egypt - Politics
7/1/2012 6:10:38 PM
Revolutionary activists to present Egypt's new president with petition demanding immediate release of all military detainees, both civilians and army personnel

Books -
6/30/2012 3:25:19 AM
Dr Mustapha Sabaai examines Islamic Socialism in the third edition of his book published by the General Authority of Cultural Palaces

Egypt - First 100 days
6/26/2012 4:07:18 PM
President-elect Mohamed Morsi meets families of protesters killed during Egypt's uprising at presidential palace

Heritage - Islamic
6/18/2012 1:20:54 PM
The Manesterly Palace, a Rococa (Late Baroque)-style jewel in Cairo welcomes its visitors after a year of restorations

Books - Review
5/27/2012 6:42:13 PM
Saad El-Kersh decided to quit his job as a journalist and live in Tahrir Square until Mubarak was pushed out, thereafter describing his experiences in great detail and honesty

Presidential elections 2012 - Presidential elections news
5/23/2012 8:17:00 PM
After a long - and often torturous - journey, millions of Egyptians will vote in Wednesday's 1st post-Mubarak presidential election. Just who will win the historical contest, however, remains anybody's guess

Multimedia -
5/21/2012 6:04:58 PM

World - International
5/21/2012 4:45:06 PM
Hundreds of protesters occupy presidential palace in Mali, demand interim president's resignation

Books - Review
5/20/2012 5:34:53 PM
Egyptian thinker and writer Salama Moussa warned sixty years ago about the dangers of counter-revolutionary forces – he has important lessons for today

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
5/2/2012 1:51:16 PM
Syria's cultural identity threatened by the chaos the country witnesses today

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
4/30/2012 6:36:53 PM
The exhibition of fine arts will take place at the Cairo Opera House until 15 May

Heritage - Islamic
4/29/2012 9:29:23 PM
Iconic landmark on Cairo's outskirts will soon be reopened to public after planned restoration work, conversion into international culture centre

Books -
4/24/2012 5:38:31 PM
The General Egyptian Book Organisation hosts a discussion focusing on the challenges facing the country's publishing industry

Books -
4/22/2012 6:01:14 PM
Discussion on books, publishing, intellectuals and the constitution 23/24 April 7pm at GEBO on Corniche El-Nil, Cairo

Arts & Culture - Music
4/22/2012 11:24:00 AM
The inauguration night of Egypt's 2012 Spring Festival, the Turkish Coffee band's Turkish base with Western and gipsy had the audience clamouring for more

World - International
4/19/2012 2:14:59 PM
Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik responds coolly to questions by prosecutors as he reveals his previous plans to bomb 3 buildings instead of one

Sports - Omni Sports
4/17/2012 1:37:36 PM
The queen and her husband, Prince Philip, will officially open the games on July 27

Books - Review
4/17/2012 12:48:02 PM
Sawiris Bin El-Mokafaa was amongst the first to record the history of the Copts, and to interweave it with the social, political and religious conditions in the whole country

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