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Heritage - Photo Heritage
2/11/2015 1:11:04 PM
Fayoum: A pre-historic protectorate, a whole artistic village and a hotel that starred as the main destination to most Classic Egyptian Films, need we say more?

Heritage - Photo Heritage
1/6/2015 9:09:39 PM
Ahram Online shares some Coptic Christmas memories from the sixties

Heritage - Photo Heritage
12/31/2014 11:59:47 AM
In the second of our winter destination series, we proudly present you Hulwan: Fountains of Health

Heritage - Photo Heritage
12/20/2014 5:09:07 PM
With winter finally here, we invite you to discover the history of Egypt's most popular winter resorts

Multimedia -
9/24/2014 5:25:16 PM
In its first Egyptian Beaches series, Ahram Online reviews the country's most famous seaside spots and their glorious past

Folk - Photo Heritage
8/11/2014 2:04:27 PM
The second in our series on Egypt's golden beaches is Alexandria. Think your grandma in floral summer dress, feresca beach vendors and the famous beach flag grading sea safety

Folk - Photo Heritage
3/8/2014 6:09:51 PM
On the occasion of International Women's Day, Ahram Online recounts how our grandmothers broke the mould to pave the way for Egyptian women today

Folk - Photo Heritage
2/27/2014 1:33:34 PM
The histories of both the Islamic Museum and Dar Al-Kutub, which were hit by a bomb blast on 25 January, are closely tied to several major events that shaped the urban and social history of Cairo

Heritage - Photo Heritage
1/25/2014 7:32:26 PM
Tahrir Square, the epicentre of Egypt's January 25 Revolution, was once but another city square with little charm

Folk - Photo Heritage
1/6/2014 1:17:46 PM
As Egyptians celebrate Coptic Christmas, Ahram Online examines rare photos of prominent landmarks on the Holy Family's journey through Cairo

Folk - Photo Heritage
12/26/2013 5:44:15 PM
The northern town, which was the target of a violent and bloody terrorist attack this week, has a long cosmopolitan history

Folk - Photo Heritage
2/11/2013 9:26:47 PM
Two legends are told about this mosque-mausoleum on the south-western edge of the Moqattam hills

Folk - Photo Heritage
11/8/2012 3:43:32 PM
The architecture of Al-Hakim Mosque in Fatimid Cairo is testament to the unstable mind of the caliph for whom it was built

Folk - Photo Heritage
8/5/2012 3:09:32 PM
Living alongside a holy place

Folk - Photo Heritage
8/5/2012 3:04:43 PM
The man with the fez, probably conducting business by the Mosque

Folk - Photo Heritage
8/5/2012 1:49:19 PM
The Mashhad, where the great martyr's head lies

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
2/25/2012 4:30:19 PM
Archives from the Contemporary Image Collection will be the basis for the discussion lead by a doctoral candidate from the NY Institute of Fine Arts on Egypt's photographic heritage

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