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Egypt - Politics
1/9/2014 11:37:02 AM
US State Department spokeswoman expresses alarm about polarisation and challenges to freedom in Egypt a week ahead of a decisive constitutional poll

Egypt - Politics
10/1/2013 4:42:23 PM
New academic year marred by political polarisation as protests take place at schools and universities

Egypt - Politics
8/4/2013 4:51:59 PM
Sherif Taha, spokesman of the Salafist El-Nour Party, charges that Egypt's interim premier is contributing to national polarisation in only meeting with non-Islamists

Egypt - Politics
7/27/2013 12:19:54 AM
Interim vice-president calls for tolerance amid ongoing pro-Morsi sit-in and pro-army rallies in Cairo

Opinion -
7/23/2013 5:03:52 PM
The media in Egypt neither created the crisis nor the polarisation of society, but improving the current media environment is more urgent than a media code of ethics

Opinion -
7/12/2013 11:59:58 AM
In our repeated attempts to stop the state of polarisation in society over the last year, the Nour Party encountered a culture of hatred which must be addressed

Egypt - Politics
7/8/2013 2:17:22 PM
Iran says overthrow of elected Prescient Morsi by Egypt's army is 'unacceptable and disturbing,' warns of 'deepening polarisation'

Egypt - Politics
7/3/2013 8:38:09 PM
Human rights groups say Muslim Brotherhood has 'inflamed political and ideological polarisation,' urges security forces to protect all citizens regardless of political affiliation

Opinion -
7/1/2013 9:01:18 PM
One year under President Morsi has left Egypt in a state of polarisation which, if not contained, will lead to irreparable consequences

Egypt - Politics
6/26/2013 5:27:10 PM
The Salafist party, an ally of the Muslim Brotherhood, launches initiative to end polarisation and forestall planned anti-government protests

Egypt - Politics
6/23/2013 4:28:58 PM
With tensions ahead of 30 June escalating, Nour Party maintains position against taking sides but condemns Muslim Brotherhood for feeding political polarisation

Egypt - Politics
6/18/2013 2:17:56 PM
According to statement released Tuesday, Salafist call will not participate in any protests for or against Morsi; offers advice to Brotherhood

Opinion -
6/9/2013 7:17:01 PM
Unprecedented political polarisation in post-revolution Egypt has led increasing numbers of activists to look to violent methods for achieving their goals

Egypt - Politics
4/24/2013 11:03:55 AM
Opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei warns President Morsi to end project that will 'destroy judicial independence'

Opinion -
3/23/2013 9:01:03 PM
Post-revolution Egypt faces five deadly-serious challenges: declining economic growth; depletion of the middle class; flagging democratic transformation; political polarisation; and unprecedented regional change

Egypt - Politics
1/27/2013 9:56:07 PM
Political polarisation in Egypt has reached new levels amid ongoing violence across the country in the wake of the 2011 revolution second anniversary

World - Region
1/6/2013 5:23:46 PM
Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki warns of polarisation across region saying country's national security is being threatened by Takfirist groups

Egypt - Politics
12/30/2012 6:14:00 PM
The relative absence of accurate news in public media brought about the rise of private media to act as one, yet citizens remain both uninformed and frustrated

Egypt - Politics
12/17/2012 8:48:56 PM
Initial results of Egypt's divisive constitutional referendum reveal widening polarisation among public and few prospects for meaningful dialogue between rival political camps

Egypt -
12/15/2012 8:56:58 PM
Outside polling stations in Cairo, contentious constitutional vote is characterised by lack of organisation and occasional outbreak of verbal exchanges

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