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Egypt - Politics
10/27/2019 8:42:01 PM
Earlier this month the committee expected police stations in Alexandria

Egypt - Politics
6/20/2019 1:37:52 PM

Egypt - Politics
9/19/2017 5:10:29 PM
The committee will begins visits to police station holding cells and prisons, particularly those where torture has been reported

Egypt - Politics
6/5/2016 2:03:07 PM

Egypt - Politics
11/29/2015 10:02:25 PM
On Thursday, hundreds protested in Luxor governorate over the death of a 47-year-old man whose family says was tortured to death in a local police station

Egypt - Politics
11/29/2015 7:04:05 PM
On Sunday, prosecution ordered the detainment of a policeman in Ismailiya governorate for four days pending investigations into torturing to death of veterinarian Afify Houssni

Egypt - Politics
11/29/2015 12:10:02 PM
Egypt saw several cases of detainees dying while in police custody last week, prompting protests and investigations

Egypt - Politics
2/26/2015 5:36:00 PM
Four of the bombs targeted Vodafone and Etisalat communications stores in the greater Cairo area; another exploded outside a police station in Waraq; police diffused two in Ousim

Egypt - Politics
2/10/2015 11:18:48 AM
Five improvised explosive devises detonate at police stations, a government office and a railway station in Alexandria

Egypt - Politics
10/21/2014 8:36:27 PM
Move to install human rights departments in police stations comes after recent reports of torture at the hands of Egyptian officers

Egypt - Politics
6/6/2014 12:03:05 PM
Security presence beefed up at police stations, key institutions and churches

World - International
4/12/2014 8:02:33 PM

Egypt - Politics
3/6/2014 11:23:11 PM
Hafez Abu Saeda, a member of the state-appointed National Council for Human Rights, says dozens of detainees arrested in January have been beaten or tortured in police stations and might have faced ill-treatment in jails

Egypt - Features
2/12/2014 11:00:03 PM
Interior ministry denies torture exists in Egyptian police stations and prisons despite numerous testimonies by detainees and rights activists

Egypt - Politics
1/13/2014 6:41:52 PM
The Muslim Brotherhood members are charged with storming two police stations on 14 August in Minya governorate, which left one police officer dead and four others injured

World - Region
12/5/2013 8:04:44 PM
Report uncovers abuse of detainees in Tunisian police stations and prisons, calls for reforms including allowing access to human rights monitoring groups

Egypt - Politics
11/29/2013 3:08:56 PM
208 Syrian refugees are currently being detained in Egyptian police stations after trying to cross the Mediterranean illegally

World - Region
10/8/2013 7:28:03 PM
Sudan court begins trial of 16 protesters accused of attacking police stations during protests sparked by high fuel prices

World - Region
9/24/2013 12:43:42 PM
Seven policemen among the dead in Tuesday's attacks, which come amidst the rising Sunni-Shiite sectarian conflict

Egypt - Politics
8/15/2013 11:17:05 PM
A number of police stations and security checkpoints were attacked, leaving several police personnel dead

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