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World - International
5/22/2023 10:34:57 PM
The leaders of Bulgaria’s two main rival political parties reached a deal Monday to form a coalition government with a rotating prime minister intended to end a long-running political impasse in the corruption-plagued European Union member country, which has held five elections in the past two years.

World - International
11/24/2022 10:08:03 PM
Malaysia's perennial opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was sworn in as prime minister before the king in Kuala Lumpur Thursday, ending a five-day political impasse after inconclusive polls.

World - Region
10/11/2022 6:49:36 PM
Iraq's parliament will meet Thursday to "elect the president", speaker Mohammed al-Halbussi's office said, in a surprise move seen at trying to end months of political impasse.

World - Region
8/16/2022 3:17:22 PM
Iraq's finance minister resigned Tuesday, two government officials said, over the country's worst political crisis in years involving an influential Shiite cleric and his Iran-aligned rivals.

World - Region
6/12/2022 12:01:18 PM
Libyan officials returned to the Egyptian capital Sunday for a third round of talks on constitutional amendments for elections. The North African nation once again finds itself at a political impasse with two rival administrations claiming legitimacy.

World - Region
4/17/2022 3:53:17 PM
Libya's national oil company said Sunday it was forced to shut down an oil field amid a political impasse that threatened to drag the North African nation back into armed conflict.

World - International
11/25/2014 1:08:49 PM
Negotiators say there is 'strong commitment' from all sides to find an appropriate, comprehensive solution to the political impasse

World - International
5/22/2014 9:25:57 AM

World - International
9/29/2013 10:03:54 PM
President Giorgio Napolitano will have to mediate to find a way out of the latest political impasse, and has said he would dissolve parliament, triggering new elections

World - Region
8/19/2013 1:42:57 PM
Ennahda-UGTT meetings are planned to resume on Monday to resolve government crisis in Tunisia

Egypt - Politics
8/7/2013 3:09:41 PM
Government sources fear 'little hope' for way forward as cabinet prepares to convene Wednesday to review outcome of recent mediation efforts

Arts & Culture - Film
8/6/2013 4:25:36 PM
Egyptian producers fear debuting films set for Eid El-Fitr, fearing a low turnout in the middle of the current political impasse the country is facing

Egypt - Politics
8/4/2013 1:06:00 PM
Egypt's army Commander-in-Chief Abdel Fattah El-Sisi meets an Islamist delegation in hopes of overcoming political impasse

Egypt - Politics
8/3/2013 7:08:26 PM
US and EU envoys meet Egypt's interim president and top officials amid efforts to end ongoing political impasse

Egypt - Politics
7/1/2013 8:34:42 PM
Islamist group and its political party discuss a collective response to the armed forces' statement giving political forces 48 hours to solve the current political impasse

Egypt -
4/7/2013 9:46:27 PM
Sympathy for Morsi and the difficulties of democratic transition may be running out in Europe, with Egyptian offers to play a positive regional role welcomed but no longer sufficient

World - International
3/30/2013 1:36:14 PM
Italy is in suspense ahead of President Giorgio Napolitano's expected proposal for who should lead the eurozone's third-largest economy after elections that left no clear winner

Egypt - Politics
3/28/2013 6:37:45 PM
With the country embroiled in a deep political impasse, Ahram Online asks those who made the January 25 Revolution what they think now about what they thought and fought for then

Egypt - Politics
3/20/2013 9:12:04 AM
In this ten-part series, Ahram Online asks those who took part in the 25 January Revolution what they make of Egypt's current political situation two years after Mubarak's departure

World - Region
3/10/2013 6:28:48 PM
Tunisia hopeful of end to political impasse when parliament holds vote of confidence later this week; however, doubts remain over new calender for new constitution

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