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Business - Economy
7/30/2013 7:24:45 PM
Main index closes on positive note, gaining 0.76 percent as heavyweight stocks help market beat investor hesitation due to political unrest

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
7/25/2013 12:32:08 PM
Amid continued political unrest, Cairo and Alexandria's cultural life in the third week of Ramadan become more vibrant. Ahram Online picks out its favourites for you this weekend, Thursday through Sunday (25-28 July)

Multimedia -
7/11/2013 6:00:00 PM
Sellers of Ramadan lanterns in Egypt complain that the recent political upheaval has caused a dip in sales

Business - Economy
7/3/2013 7:30:58 PM
United States, United Kingdom, Canada issue travel alert to their nationals as Egypt tourism grinds to a complete halt due to ongoing nationwide political unrest

Business - Economy
7/3/2013 3:31:33 PM
Egypt and Portugal's political unrest alongside the Chinese economic data drive Britain stocks down

Business - Economy
5/28/2013 6:04:10 PM
Chairman of state-run General Petroleum Company tells Reuters that Egypt plans to reduce natural gas exports and urge major industries to slow output this summer in hopes of averting potential political unrest

Business - Economy
3/21/2013 5:47:05 PM
Egypt's political unrest revives Suez Canal's alternative waterways as many shipowners consider re-routing around Cape of Good Hope despite bunker fuel costs

Folk - Special Files
3/14/2013 6:55:37 PM
In the heart of Islamic Cairo, thousands of Egyptians at Al-Hussein district celebrate the birth of the grandson of Prophet Mohamed

World - Region
2/14/2013 3:42:28 PM
The Shiite villages in Bahrain proved to be the main source of political unrest in Bahrain, a situation that was widely seen during the 2011 uprising against the Sunni monarchy

Business - Economy
2/4/2013 5:13:59 PM
US and European governments issue increasingly stern warnings about travel to Egypt due to ongoing political unrest and street clashes

Business - Economy
2/3/2013 6:27:15 PM
Local bourse registers modest gains Sunday as political unrest eases in Egypt's canal cities; Analysts predict market upswing following Societe General deal

Books -
2/3/2013 2:17:11 PM
Political unrest overshadows annual literary award ceremony at Cairo Opera House

Business - Economy
1/29/2013 7:45:29 PM
Egypt's tourism sector hit hard by wave of violence in the capital Cairo and other cities, although most touristic sites remain trouble-free

Business - Economy
1/29/2013 7:21:34 PM
A presidential spokesman confirmed Egyptian President Morsi will visit Europe as planned, despite ongoing political unrest

Business - Economy
1/6/2013 11:34:29 AM
Negotiations for $4.8 billion loan to resume Monday after an agreement was frozen last month due to political unrest across the country

World - Region
12/30/2012 3:25:04 PM
Two policemen recieve seven year sentences after being convicted of torturing and killing a Shia detainee during last year's political unrest

Business - Economy
12/4/2012 5:31:29 PM
Local stock market gains almost 3.5 pct Tuesday despite ongoing political friction over Morsi decree, draft constitution

Business - Economy
11/29/2012 7:24:32 PM
Foreign minister says ongoing political unrest will not jeopardize Egypt's $4.8 bn loan deal with International Monetary Fund

World - International
11/25/2012 7:20:25 PM
US Senator John McCain warns against an Islamist state or military takeover in Egypt amid current political unrest

Business - Economy
11/25/2012 2:13:17 PM
Egypt's planning minister insists that the political unrest after Morsi issued a power-consolidating decree will not affect IMF deliberations on $4.8bn loan approval

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