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Egypt - Politics
8/8/2011 12:00:59 PM
Former VP of the cassation court, El-Khodeiry, reveals that additional charges will be filed against Egypt's deposed president Mubarak, who faces trial next week

Egypt - Politics
8/4/2011 2:03:07 PM
Activists postpone the funeral for the latest martyr of the revolution after new evidence emerges towards the details around his death in Abbassiya on 23 July

Egypt - Politics
8/4/2011 1:32:33 PM
Former interior minister's trial for murdering protesters postponed to give lawyers time to study evidence

Egypt - Politics
8/3/2011 2:27:42 PM
Cases against Hosni Mubarak, Alaa Mubarak, Gamal Mubarak have been postponed till 15 August, Mubarak will remain in a military hospital near Cairo

Business - Economy
7/27/2011 2:04:30 PM
Congress vote on the plan to cut the budget and raise the debt ceiling will take place on Thursday

World - Region
7/26/2011 12:17:22 PM
The United Nations on Monday confirmed that the release of a UN report on a deadly Israeli raid that killed nine Turks aboard a pro-Palestinian activist ship last year would be postponed until late August

Sports - World
7/25/2011 7:54:40 PM
Season delayed as high profile figures within Turkish football are arrested in connection with match-fixing allegations

Egypt - Politics
7/25/2011 4:03:23 PM
Members of the Brotherhood's youth call for a presidential council to steer Egypt through the transitional phase and ask Islamists to postpone their proposed Friday demonstration in Tahrir Square

Egypt - Politics
7/25/2011 3:07:00 PM
As the trial of Habib El-Adly, who stands accused of killing protesters, is postponed for the fourth time, those in attendance voice their exasperation

Egypt - Politics
7/25/2011 12:09:50 PM
The postponement of El-Adly’s trial until 3 August sparks anger from martyrs’ families, but the decision to prosecute him alongside Mubarak is seen by many as a ‎tangible step towards justice

Egypt - Politics
7/25/2011 10:40:11 AM
Cairo’s criminal court has postponed until 3 August the trial of former minister of ‎interior Habib El-Adly

World - Region
7/21/2011 3:46:43 PM
Ousted Tunisian president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali's second trial is postponed for one week

Egypt - Politics
7/19/2011 5:38:59 PM
Case against Osama El-Sheikh postponed to September 17

Egypt - Politics
7/19/2011 3:47:42 PM
New ministers were expected to swear in yesterday, but the ceremony was postponed

Egypt - Politics
7/16/2011 3:37:34 PM
Defence lawyers have gained access to Egypt-Israeli gas contracts and Mubarak investigation documents in the meantime

Egypt - Politics
7/13/2011 11:20:19 AM

World - Region
7/6/2011 1:47:22 PM
Unpopular commission tasked with drafting party law in Tunisia fail to agree on text, postpones decision

World - Region
6/30/2011 1:49:01 PM
The second trial of Tunisia's ousted Ben Ali has been postponed due to judges striking in protest over harassment from the justice ministry

Egypt - Politics
6/30/2011 11:30:55 AM
After violent clashes around the ministry of interior, anti-government protesters passed the first night of an open sit-in in Tahrir Square, while in Alexandria the fate of the accused killers of Khaled Said is put off once again

Egypt - Politics
6/30/2011 10:59:50 AM
The Alexandria Criminal Court insists committees of experts should be assembled and asked to re-examine elements of the case

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