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Egypt - Politics
7/2/2012 11:47:05 AM
Prominent activists and hundreds of protesters on Sunday demand Egypt's newly-inaugurated president release all those who faced military trials including officers who supported the revolution in Tahrir

Egypt - First 100 days
6/26/2012 2:47:16 PM
Campaigners call on president-elect Mohamed Morsi to release all civilian prisoners in military jails

World - Region
6/18/2012 9:09:37 PM
PM Tayyip Erdogan says up to 70 prisoners were evacuated from their cells after suffering smoke inhalation at a southeastern Turkey

World - Region
6/8/2012 11:41:54 AM
Report issued by Amnesty International urges Israel to release all Palestinian prisoners held under administrative detention law amid threats of renewed hunger strikes

World - Region
6/3/2012 6:09:16 PM
Palestinian prisoners minister says hunger strikes may be relaunched after Israel renews - against a previous agreement - administrative detention for 30 prisoners

World - International
6/2/2012 6:58:11 PM
800 ETA prisoners held in Spain and France express their 'respect and support' for the decision taken by the Basque separatist group to end the phase of armed activity as an instrument of struggle

World - Region
5/27/2012 5:12:49 PM
Zionist state renews detention without charge of 3 Palestinians, including a serving Hamas MP and a former Fatah MP, for a further 6 months

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
5/22/2012 5:37:29 PM
International media freedom watchdog Reporters Without Borders (RSF) on Monday slammed the arrest of the director of a Palestinian TV channel by Israeli troops last week

Egypt - Politics
5/16/2012 2:23:42 PM
At Tuesday meeting with MPs, SCAF denies military personnel brutalised Abbasiya detainees; Over 300 prisoners threaten 20 May hunger strike to protest poor treatment in custody

Egypt - Politics
5/15/2012 9:31:00 PM
Egyptian activists commemorate 1948 expulsion of Palestinians by Zionist gangs, express solidarity with Palestinian prisoners currently languishing in Israeli jails

World - Region
5/14/2012 8:36:40 PM
Egypt's general intelligence agency has helped facilitate a deal between Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike and Israeli authorities

World - Region
5/14/2012 2:20:38 PM
Thousands of Facebook users change their profile pictures on the International Day of Action for Palestinian Prisoners Hunger Strike

World - Region
5/14/2012 12:53:08 PM
Egypt concludes a deal to resolve a hunger strike by 1,600 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails

World - Region
5/13/2012 9:53:47 PM

World - Region
5/13/2012 2:30:15 PM

World - Region
5/13/2012 1:21:18 PM
Palestinian officials expected a breakthrough on efforts to end a mass hunger strike by Palestinian prisoners in Israel, some of them close to death

World - Region
5/12/2012 5:13:59 PM
Ismail Haniya, Hamas prime minister in Gaza, reveals that the movement has done a progress to end a mass hunger strike by Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prions, through the Egyptian mediator

World - Region
5/12/2012 11:50:00 AM
Israeli and Egyptian officials are making progress in attempts to end a mass hunger strike by Palestinan prisoners, some of them close to death

Egypt - Politics
5/11/2012 3:31:27 PM
Deal nearing completion to swap 65 Egyptians for Israeli spy Ouda Trabin, who was jailed for life in 2000

World - Region
5/11/2012 1:20:49 PM
Israeli-Palestinian talks on terms to end a hunger strike by 1,600 prisoners - including access to education and removing most from solitary confinement - do not amount to real negotiations, says head of prisoners' group

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