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World - Region
3/11/2013 2:21:46 PM
Saudi police say all women arrested earlier this month in the city of Buraida are leased except two who refused to leave even after all procedures for their release were completed

Business - Economy
1/19/2013 4:28:34 PM
The International Monetary Fund is assessing Egypt's new budget-reduction procedures - the final stage before signing over a $4.8bln loan

Egypt - Politics
1/9/2013 6:11:47 PM
Egypt's presidency announces that electoral procedures for upcoming parliamentary elections will begin 25 February; date for elections yet to be set

Business - Economy
12/30/2012 11:02:57 AM
Egypt's Central Bank places a $30,000 daily foreign-currency withdrawal cap on corporates, charges extra fees on currency exchange for individuals

Egypt - Politics
10/30/2012 11:58:35 AM
Prime Minister Hisham Qandil lays out purchase procedures for would-be local landowners in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, official news agency MENA reports

Sports - Africa
9/2/2012 6:17:42 PM
Milan will wait until after procedure to announce whether – and for how long – German-born Ghanaian player will be sidelined

Egypt - Politics
7/17/2012 2:44:23 PM
The Netherlands embassy in Cairo says procedures for granting political asylum to Egyptian Christians remain unchanged after rumours the Dutch grant blanket refuge to

World - Region
7/16/2012 6:56:34 PM
Former president Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali gives the Swiss authorities permission to transfer his alleged assets and economic resources to the Tunisian state, without any prior judicial or extra-judicial procedures

Egypt -
7/1/2012 1:43:58 PM
The majority leader of the Shura Council will announce Sunday the requirements on prospective editors-in-chief and the procedures a council committee will follow in accepting candidate applications

Egypt - Politics
6/20/2012 1:26:48 AM
If Mubarak dies, imprisoned sons would be allowed to attend burial procedures and family funeral; potential curfew is possibility, election result announcement could be postponed, say sources

Egypt - Politics
6/15/2012 11:35:05 AM
Parliamentary speaker Saad El-Katatny says the parliament has not yet received notice it will be dissolved after the High Court Thursday ruling on constitutionality of law regulating its elections procedures

World - International
6/15/2012 10:31:44 AM
A 33-year old Chinese woman will be among the three-person team on board the Shenzhou-9 speacecraft which will perform a highly technical procedure aimed at giving the country a permanent space station by 2020

Egypt - Politics
5/15/2012 3:48:42 PM
Delegates will be in charge of observing presidential election procedures as well as campaigning and voting processes

Sports - World
4/23/2012 8:24:07 PM
Italy striker Giuseppe Rossi needs two surgical procedures on the damaged ligament in his right knee and will be out of action for another 10 months

World - Region
4/18/2012 3:08:53 PM
The 12-member family of Osama bin Laden await procedures pending deportation from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia and Yemen; lawyer says passports are not ready

Egypt - Politics
3/29/2012 2:25:36 PM
The Muslim Brotherhood will use its parliamentary majority to bring down the government of Kamal El-Ganzouri, group says

Business - Economy
3/22/2012 4:50:41 PM
Visiting Libyan labour minister vows to ease procedures for Egyptians wishing to work in the North African nation

Egypt -
2/28/2012 11:47:20 AM
Parliament approves procedures for vote counting and results announcement, refers amendments to constitutional court; Islamist majority reject amendments to article 28 of ruling military's constitutional declaration

World - Region
2/11/2012 2:51:18 PM
Turkish PM Tayyip Erdogan underwent a successful 30-minute medical procedure on his digestive system; his office assures he is in 'a very good health'

World - International
2/1/2012 7:30:23 PM
Pointing to breach of legal procedure, WikiLeaks founder takes fight against extradition to Britain's highest judicial authority

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