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Egypt - Politics
10/14/2013 6:01:42 PM
Youth movement says draft law will restrict freedom of assembly and is not supported by serious initiatives to reform police and carry out transitional justice

World - Region
8/7/2013 10:57:37 AM
Bahraini authorities have already decided to ban the mid-August protest and threatened to severely punish those who take part

World - Region
6/3/2013 5:29:33 PM
Main defendant sentenced to 15 years in prison for trying to kill officer, joining protests and taking part in violence; second and third defendants get 10 and 5 years in jail

Egypt - Politics
5/12/2013 10:45:11 PM
Upper house of Egypt's parliment returns to work after holidays, with raft of controversial draft legislation – regulating protests, NGOs, NCHR and judiciary – at top of agenda

Egypt - Politics
4/21/2013 11:38:35 PM
Council's legislative committee agrees to remove article of proposed protest law stipulating that protester numbers must be authorised in advance

Egypt - Politics
3/30/2013 4:00:47 PM
Leftist groups call for protests after Alexandria prosecutors on Saturday charge 9 anti-Brotherhood protesters and four of their lawyers with a list of serious crimes including attacks on a police station

Egypt - Politics
3/30/2013 1:54:02 PM
Human Rights Committee chairman says that the Human Rights' Watch report against Egypt's new protest law is an interference in Egyptian affairs

Egypt - Politics
3/27/2013 5:09:34 PM
Independent Association for Legal Support says proposed law regulating protests puts stringent restraints on right to peaceful assembly

Egypt - Politics
3/26/2013 9:11:10 PM
Opposition figures argued that the protest law is draconian and reminiscent of policies under Mubarak

World - Region
2/26/2013 1:39:21 PM
Bahrain's Higher Criminal Court acquits two policemen charged with shooting Shiite protester two years ago from wounds sustained during police crackdown in central Manama

Egypt - Politics
2/19/2013 5:10:31 PM
Egypt's recently approved protest law is seen as an obstacle to freedom by the UN

Egypt - Politics
2/13/2013 9:04:41 PM
Egypt's cabinet agrees on new draft legislation placing some limits on protests; justice minister says police can't ban demonstrations

Egypt - 25 January Revolution
1/24/2013 7:51:25 PM
When Mubarak was ousted almost two years ago, revolutionaries believed they had won their freedom. Critics of Egypt's new constitution, however, say this isn't necessarily the case

World - Region
9/27/2012 4:24:10 PM
Court in Bahrain slaps policeman with seven years in prison for killing protester during last year's anti-government demos, lawyer says

World - International
3/18/2012 9:53:44 AM
Occupy Wall Street protesters return to New York streets Saturday night to reassert movement's presence

World - International
1/24/2012 11:16:08 AM
Protesters abandon lawsuit challenging eviction from Zuccotti Park after police permit 'unfettered access to park for free speech activities'

Egypt - Politics
5/26/2011 4:11:53 PM
Army officials say protesters should request permission before going to a protest, and notify them of the location and reason for the demonstration

Egypt - Politics
3/26/2011 2:18:33 PM
Anti-protest laws don’t go down well amidst the spirit of revolution, and trade unions respond defiantly, calling for Sunday protests

Egypt - Politics
3/25/2011 4:28:30 PM
Thousands of protesters gather in Tahrir Square and in front of the Radio and TV headquarters today to express anger over the anti-protest law and lack of a free media

Egypt - Politics
3/25/2011 1:25:19 PM
Egyptian activists have called for a mass demonstration today to protest against an anti-protest law, approved by the cabinet on Wednesday

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