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Books -
1/29/2012 3:03:51 PM
Publishers, visitors optimistic about this year's fair, stress event's importance to local publishing industry

Books -
1/26/2012 4:22:54 PM
The Egyptian and Tunisian publishers unions held a roundtable recently to discuss the industry's future following decades of autocracy

Arts & Culture - Film
1/19/2012 1:17:33 PM
The documentary film Tahrir 2011: The Good, The Bad and The Politician will be screened in the street a day before January 25 Revolution’s anniversary

World - International
1/5/2012 3:38:56 PM
German President Christian Wulff's moral authority is challenged for attempting to prevent Germany's Bild newspaper from publishing details about loan from businessman

Opinion -
1/5/2012 2:47:17 PM
The only eyes worth publishing for are those of the anonymous reader somewhere for whom the struggle to understand the world through words still has meaning

Books -
1/4/2012 4:00:31 PM
Al-Hilal issues special edition commemorating 150th birthday of founder and literary icon Gorgy Zeidan

Books - Review
1/3/2012 10:16:13 AM
El-Qadi argues for secularism from an Islamic and historical point of view

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1/2/2012 6:24:50 PM
Activists and publishers are concerned that postponing the fair to February will impact the publishing industry

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1/1/2012 5:25:48 PM
One of Alexandria's main cultural centres launches a New Year project to document Dar Al-Hilal's work

Books -
1/1/2012 3:58:49 PM
The early days of Egypt's transition to democracy, following the January uprising, constitute the centre of a two-volume analysis by one of Egypt's prominent political commentators

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12/31/2011 6:00:46 PM
As the year comes to a close, Ahram Online Books asks prominent Egyptian intellectuals what their favourites reads were of 2011

World - Region
12/29/2011 7:00:47 PM
EU ambassadors in Israel express concern about the treatment of Arab minorities in the Jewish state, reversing the traditional European trend of publishing reports on conditions of Palestinians in the Israeli-occupied West Bank

Books -
12/22/2011 4:15:45 PM
Dar Merit publishing will receive Khaled Owais for a discussion tonight 22 December at 7pm

Books -
12/21/2011 7:23:23 PM

Egypt - Politics
12/20/2011 4:12:13 PM
Mohamed Hashem of Merit Publishing says government wants to prosecute him based on SCAF allegations he incited violence in Tahrir and plans, in turn, to sue the ruling military council for slander

Egypt - Politics
12/19/2011 5:53:50 PM
Mohamed Hashem of Merit Publishing House insists he will continue to assist revolutionaries striving for freedom despite implicit threats against him by ruling military council

Books -
12/15/2011 4:53:43 PM
Saad Abdel-Rahman, head of the General Organisation for Cultural Palaces, announces a new plan for publishing and a new management team for publications

World - Region
11/20/2011 7:32:00 PM
Iranian president's press aide is slapped with one-year jail term for publishing articles said to be 'offensive to public decency'

Books -
11/2/2011 11:21:11 AM
Writer to discuss and sign copies of his new book, Younes in the Whale’s Guts, tonight at 7pm.

World - Region
10/11/2011 2:53:53 PM
Award-winning editor fined for publishing 'fabricated' news during police crackdown on Kingdom's mass protests earlier this year

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