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World - Africa
4/9/2024 5:44:02 PM
UK leader Rishi Sunak and Rwandan counterpart Paul Kagame reiterated Tuesday that they expect Britain to soon start sending undocumented migrants to the African country, despite fresh questions over the controversial scheme.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
3/30/2024 10:22:25 AM
Israel's Supreme Court ruling curtailing subsidies for ultra-Orthodox men has rattled Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's governing coalition and raised questions about its viability as the country presses on with its war on Gaza.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
3/27/2024 8:23:08 PM
Even before 18 people were killed when airdrops of aid into Gaza went disastrously wrong on Monday, many had questioned the sense in using planes when food can be delivered far more rapidly by road.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
3/26/2024 8:59:38 PM
US defense leaders met with Israel's minister of defense on Tuesday as the United States warns against a ground invasion of the southern Gaza city of Rafah, but rising tensions between the two allies put any progress in question.

Opinion -
3/22/2024 2:22:06 PM
The question of conscripting Ultra-Orthodox Jews, commonly known as Haredim, into the Israeli military, has once again taken centre stage.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Opinion
3/20/2024 7:41:48 PM
Numerous questions have emerged regarding the course and possible outcomes of the Israeli war on Gaza, with their answers likely deciding the future of the region.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
3/8/2024 3:25:00 PM
Hamas on Tuesday said a recent UN report alleging its members committed acts of "sexual violence" against Israeli women on 7 October was "simply false" and pointed to the lack of any victim testimonies.

Opinion -
3/8/2024 1:27:29 PM
While the Egyptian economy is going through rough times, with its longstanding challenges at creating jobs compounded by multiple adverse external shocks, a critical question arises: Who can unlock the path to sustainable development? Egyptian women! They constitute a significant part of the solution.

World - International
3/4/2024 12:48:48 PM
China's government said Monday it is eliminating an annual news conference by the premier that was one of the rare times a top Chinese leader took questions from journalists.

World - International
2/10/2024 12:46:24 PM
With a broad smile on his face, Jakarta city council candidate Rian Ernest answers almost every question about his faith with the same line.

Life & Style - Health
2/6/2024 7:48:04 PM
For cancer patients, the harsh side effects of powerful drugs have long been the trade-off for living longer. Now, patients and doctors are questioning whether all that suffering is necessary.

Sports - World
2/4/2024 1:44:22 PM
Japan's premature Asian Cup exit and the nature of it has triggered deeper introspection about the state of the national side, with a daunting trip to North Korea for World Cup qualifying in a matter of weeks.

AFCON 2023 - News
1/25/2024 12:42:48 PM
Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has defended the decision for Mohamed Salah to return to Liverpool from the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON), hitting back at critics questioning the forward’s loyalty to Egypt.

Al-Ahram Weekly - World
1/16/2024 8:52:37 PM
South Africa’s case against Israel at the International Court of Justice is a watershed moment for the Palestinian question

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
1/15/2024 10:50:23 AM
Turkish authorities have detained soccer club Antalyaspor’s Israeli player Sagiv Jehezkel for questioning after he displayed solidarity with the Israeli war during a top-flight league game.

Al-Ahram Weekly - World
1/9/2024 9:45:02 PM
The cracks are surfacing in the Israeli war cabinet formed after the Hamas attack on 7 October. Disputes between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, former defence minister Benny Gantz and current Defence Minister Yoav Gallant have raised questions about the stability of this government.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Opinion
1/2/2024 8:25:34 PM
Four key questions have lurked for decades in the collective Egyptian psyche, sometimes lying submerged under the weight of current problems.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
1/2/2024 7:56:43 PM
In a video posted on من_غزة (From_Gaza), displaced Palestinians revealed their hopes for an end to the Israeli aggression on Gaza in answering a question about what they wish for in 2024.

World - Region
12/4/2023 2:22:11 PM
The Emirati head of the UN climate conference insisted on Monday that he respects climate science after he came under fire over a leaked video in which he questions the science on fossil fuels.

Arts & Culture - Music
12/3/2023 11:41:09 AM
Popular Egyptian band Cairokee released a new single Telk Qadeya (This Cause) on its official YouTube channel last week, expressing solidarity with the Palestinian cause and highlighting US double standards that ignore the plight of Palestinians.

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