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Business - Tech
7/6/2023 9:46:27 PM
Threads, a text-based app built by Meta to rival Twitter, is live.

Business - Tech
7/6/2023 9:27:28 PM
The mind-blowing growth of artificial intelligence poses many questions that have no answers yet, the United Nations admitted Thursday at its AI summit, attended by some exceptionally life-like humanoid robots.

World - War in Ukraine
7/6/2023 3:46:49 PM
Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin is still in Russia, Belarus's president said Thursday, raising questions about the deal to end the mercenary leader's mutiny last month.

Egypt - Politics
7/4/2023 5:35:19 PM
Egypt recently observed an extended public holiday from 27 June to 3 July to commemorate Eid Al-Adha and the 30 June Revolution, with two more days off in July for the Islamic New Year on Tuesday 18 July and the 23 July Revolution Day, raising concerns in Parliament about the economic impact of such extended breaks.

World - Africa
6/28/2023 3:43:39 PM
The Russian mercenary group that briefly threatened President Vladimir Putin’s authority has for years been a ruthless force-for-hire across Africa, protecting rulers at the expense of the masses.

Books - Reviews
6/25/2023 8:50:05 PM
Renowned novelist Ibrahim Abdel-Meguid talked to Ahram Online about his 1974 novel "In The 67th summer" (Fi Alsaif Alsabi’- welsetine), which documented the perplexing questions that the defeat of 1967 imposed on his generation.

Sports - Omni sports
6/21/2023 7:16:45 PM
Andy Murray's brother and uncle have expressed their anger over the treatment of the two-time Wimbledon champion after he was left off an official poster of past and present greats.

Sports - World
6/20/2023 11:53:50 AM
Goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois questioned Domenico Tedesco’s “reality” after the Belgium coach accused him of abandoning his teammates and faking an injury before a European Championship qualifier.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt
6/13/2023 12:11:00 PM
On 30 May, social media was awash with photos and videos showing the storming of the Conference Centre in Nasr City during the counting of votes on a motion withdrawing confidence from Tarek Al-Nabarawi, head of the Egyptian Engineering Syndicate.

World - International
6/6/2023 8:14:40 PM
French protests against President Emmanuel Macron's pensions overhaul began to run out of steam on Tuesday with lower numbers taking to the streets and leaders questioning the future of the movement.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Features
6/4/2023 9:24:00 AM
Against the backdrop of the cultural price that Cairo is paying to build new highways, the question of the balance between conservation and modernisation is again being raised.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Opinion
5/30/2023 8:54:12 PM
The creation of the non-aligned T25 group of countries has raised questions regarding its power to reshape the international order, writes Raouf Saad

Sports - World
5/24/2023 10:32:03 PM
Frank Lampard said on Wednesday that Chelsea have to create a long-term vision for the club if the Blues are to bounce back under new ownership.

World - Region
5/24/2023 11:24:24 AM
Lebanon's public prosecutor Monday summoned the country's embattled central bank governor for questioning following an international arrest warrant issued against him in France over corruption charges, judicial officials said.

Business - Tech
5/21/2023 10:13:48 AM
The explosion of generative AI has taken the world by storm, but one question all too rarely comes up: Who can afford it?

Al-Ahram Weekly - World
5/19/2023 8:54:00 PM
Following recent developments with Iran, many in the Gulf are questioning US military presence in their countries

World - Region
5/19/2023 3:23:58 PM
Lebanon on Friday received an Interpol notice for the country's embattled central bank governor who failed to show up in Paris earlier in the week for questioning in a key corruption case, officials said.

Sports - World
5/18/2023 7:28:59 PM
Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has been given a two-match touchline ban after questioning the integrity of referee Paul Tierney following the Reds' win over Tottenham Hotspur in April.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Nakba remembered
5/16/2023 10:48:05 AM
There can be no erasing of the historical truth that the existence of Israel is predicated, indeed imposed upon, the obliteration of another society and people. Every Israeli knows this, as much as every Palestinian does: the question, writes Edward Said, is how long can an intolerable situation of proximity and injury be endured by the victims, and how long can it be deferred by the victors?

Sports - World
5/12/2023 7:26:01 PM
Tottenham interim manager Ryan Mason believes Harry Kane is right to question the club's culture change since Mauricio Pochettino was sacked.

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