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World - International
12/16/2012 2:02:31 PM
In the town of Gueckedou in Guinea, an army crackdown on protesters resulted in three dead, dozens wounded and at least three women raped, according to witnesses

World - Region
11/27/2012 11:57:06 AM
Doctors without Borders warns that surge of violence in South Sudan is having devastating impact on thousands of women and children who are being killed, raped and displaced

World - Region
11/17/2012 2:19:35 PM
Saudi authorities executed an Bangladeshi convicted of murdering a Syrian man in Riyadh

World - International
11/6/2012 11:51:04 AM
Two US soldiers on American base in Japanese island of Okinawa commit to raping Japanese woman last month and face indictment for crimes of rape and robbing

World - International
10/8/2012 11:30:59 AM
Rwanda's Ministry of Justice to investigate torture and rape allegations against civilians raised by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch

World - Region
10/5/2012 5:59:31 PM
The Tunisian woman raped by two policemen still faces charges of 'indecency'

World - International
10/5/2012 5:28:35 PM
Three Kenyans will sue Britain for suffering castration, rape and beatings caused by the British miltiary crackdown on the Mau Mau movement fighting for land and freedom in the 1950s

Books - World
10/4/2012 2:06:40 PM
Paul D. Carter's All Seasons won the Australian/Vogel Literary Award, looking at rape in context of footballers world

World - Region
9/27/2012 12:12:47 PM
Calls for demonstration outside Tunisian court on Tuesday in solidarity with girl accused of 'indecency' after she was raped by two policemen

World - Region
9/5/2012 1:10:51 PM
Man beheaded in Mecca for raping a female family member, brings to 53 the total number of executions in Saudi Arabia this year

World - International
8/29/2012 10:05:55 AM
For alleged torture, killings, rape and other abuses under his rule, US resident and former Somali PM Mohamed Ali Samanter must pay $3 million in damages to each of his victims after federal court ruling

World - Region
8/24/2012 3:27:03 PM
The South Sudanese Army kills, rapes, and tortures civilians, the United Nations warn

World - International
8/23/2012 5:58:05 PM
Claims of sexual offences against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange do not constitute rape, the well-known British Parliamentarian George Galloway claims

World - Region
8/8/2012 9:52:29 PM
Prominent Syrian rebel fighters sign 'code of conduct' pledging not to rape, torture or kill civilians after footage is released showing pro-Assad militiamen executed

World - International
7/21/2012 9:10:55 PM

World - Region
6/15/2012 1:33:40 PM
Human Rights Watch accuses Syria's government forces of committing acts of sexual violence, rape and torture against activists who were imprisoned because of their anti-regime activities

Sports - World
6/13/2012 6:21:46 PM
Police probe Lyon players over gang rape claims

Life & Style - Health
5/8/2012 11:15:13 AM
Scientists who scanned the brains of men convicted of murder, rape and violent assaults have found the strongest evidence yet that psychopaths have structural abnormalities in their brains

Sports - World
4/23/2012 3:38:00 PM
Evans was jailed for five years over raping a teenager, while Brown called the striker's victim "a money-grabbing little tramp"

World - Region
4/20/2012 11:51:38 AM
Moroccan's call for reform following the controversial case of Amina Al Filali, a teen who was forced to marry her rapist under an article of the penal code that legalises such action

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