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World - International
10/19/2016 8:38:51 PM

Sports - Egyptian Football
10/5/2016 8:03:00 PM
Zamalek left-back Ali Fathi has recovered from a nagging knee injury in time to take part in Zamalek's Champions League final first-leg at South Africa's Mamelodi Sundowns

Egypt - Politics
9/27/2016 1:54:32 PM
The recovered corpses raise the death toll to 202 victims

Egypt - Politics
9/24/2016 2:36:04 PM
Authorities have recovered dozens of victims' bodies in the boat disaster but many are still missing

Egypt - Politics
9/23/2016 1:28:22 PM
Authorities have recovered tens of victims' bodies in the boat disaster during the last 24 hours but many are still missing

Antiquities - Ancient Egypt
9/7/2016 1:29:51 PM

Business - Economy
8/20/2016 7:00:49 PM

Sports - World
8/8/2016 8:55:14 PM
Benzema sustained a hip injury at the end of last season and still hasn't fully recovered despite not featuring for France in the Euros

Business - Economy
8/3/2016 6:26:10 PM
The date of the auction has not yet been determined

Egypt - Politics
7/3/2016 11:02:53 PM
Egyptian and French investigative committee members aboard the ship John Lethbridge recovered the human remains

Antiquities - Ancient Egypt
7/3/2016 2:03:20 PM
A stolen limestone relief of King Nectanebo II that was smuggled out of Egypt was handed to the Egyptian embassy in Paris on Sunday

Egypt - Politics
6/17/2016 12:47:14 PM
The doomed flight's second black box, which features a crucial memory unit, was safely recovered Friday morning

Antiquities - Ancient Egypt
6/16/2016 6:11:11 PM
Two stolen and illegally smuggled sarcophagi lids returned Thursday afternoon to Egypt from Israel

Egypt - Politics
5/20/2016 11:55:00 PM

World - International
4/30/2016 2:06:29 PM

World - Region
4/23/2016 11:26:17 AM

Sports - World
4/11/2016 6:39:09 PM
In Tuesday's match against Wolfsburg, Madrid will be at full strength as Karim Benzema has recovered from a knee knock that forced him off in the first leg

Antiquities - Ancient Egypt
3/3/2016 7:57:06 PM
The ancient Egyptian relief had been stolen and smuggled out of Egypt in the aftermath of the 2011 revolution

Sports - Omni sports
1/22/2016 6:57:07 PM
Algeria recovered from their 22-18 defeat by Egypt to beat Gabon 35-24, as Tunisia made it two wins on the trot, beating DR Congo 37-22

Antiquities - Ancient Egypt
1/12/2016 5:23:23 PM
A temporary exhibition for recently recuperated artefacts that have been stolen and illegally smuggled out of Egypt is set to open on Thursday at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir

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