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World - Region
3/19/2012 4:00:00 PM
Bahrain's opposition announces readiness for dialogue, asks for referendum on results of potential talks
Presidential elections 2012 - Presidential elections news
3/14/2012 2:46:31 PM
Professor of Law, Hossam Eissa, points out that Article 21 of last year's constitutional declaration, which states that no administrative decision is impervious to appeal, contradicts 28
Business - Economy
3/11/2012 2:48:51 PM
The recent bond swap for Greece may have eased worries, but the country is not out of the woods yet
Egypt - Politics
3/10/2012 11:11:15 AM
The registration period for Egypt's historic presidential race begins today, with candidates having to meet criterion set my a nation-wide referendum in March
World - International
3/4/2012 4:11:49 PM
Scotland's First Minister hopes to launch 'yes' campaign ahead of independence referendum
World - Region
2/27/2012 6:08:11 PM
Syria's interior ministry announces 90 per cent of voters approved the new constitution, hails high turnout despite violence
World - Region
2/26/2012 5:51:42 PM
Syrian president and his wife cast their ballot in referendum on the controversial new constitution, a step that aims to ease the pressures on the Bashar al-Assad after 11 months of protests that calls for a regime change
World - Region
2/16/2012 12:11:49 PM
Local Coordination Committees and Syrian National Council among opposition groups calling for a boycott of Assad regime's referendum on a new constitution
World - Region
2/15/2012 12:29:58 PM
President Bashar Al-Assad issues decree to hold referendum on new constitution on 26 February, draft to be reviewed by People's Assembly before vote
Egypt - Politics
2/1/2012 3:57:12 PM
Dissenting political forces reach consensus on speedy transfer of power to a civil authority but remain at loss as to how it should be implemented
World - International
1/28/2012 4:27:27 PM
The ex-Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev calls for a referendum in Russia on constitutional reform to end the protest wave against the rule of Vladimir Putin
World - Region
1/24/2012 1:21:50 PM
A Syrian committee on drafting a new constitution decides to limit presidential terms to two seven-year mandates
Egypt - Politics
1/6/2012 2:26:01 PM
MB Guidance Bureau member denies US spokesperson's claims that the Brotherhood had assured the US concerning Egypt's peace treaty with Israel, says treaty's fate will be decided upon by national referendum
Egypt - Politics
1/3/2012 7:39:55 PM
Legal experts claim that the government's decision to draft a new constitution before presidential elections conflicts with the amendments approved by a popular referendum in March
World - International
11/29/2011 12:50:20 PM
Election day in violence-torn country is marred by string of deadly attacks by separatist group demanding referendum on secession
Business - Economy
11/28/2011 3:52:22 PM
Athens will have to follow through with sales of state gas firm and dozens of public buildings in order to continue receiving bailout loans from the EU and IMF, says its privatisation agency
Egypt - Politics
11/23/2011 5:15:05 PM
Activists vow to continue Tahrir protest until the SCAF cedes power and reject proposal for referendum before junta steps down
Business - Economy
11/8/2011 10:46:50 AM
Greece puts together short-lived coalition to push a 130-billion euro bailout through parliament and restore some confidence in the euro zone
Business - Economy
11/4/2011 4:10:56 PM
Markets calm as Greek prime minister ditches plans for a national vote on a proposed euro zone rescue package, a move that upset global shares earlier in the week
World - International
11/3/2011 3:32:33 PM
Greek Prime Minister Papandreou affirms he will not step down on state television, ahead of a critical confidence vote and threats by the EU that it will drop Greece from the union
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