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War in Sudan - War in Sudan
6/20/2023 2:20:55 PM
The head of the UN's refugee agency Filippo Grandi said on Tuesday that the number of people who have fled the fighting in Sudan was now more than 500,000 while two million are internally displaced.

World - Region
4/6/2023 9:00:16 PM
The U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees warned on Thursday that it faced growing challenges in running its operations due to a decrease in donor funding for the current year.

World - War in Ukraine
11/2/2022 10:53:14 PM
Russia's invasion of Ukraine has driven some 14 million Ukrainians from their homes in "the fastest, largest displacement witnessed in decades,'' sparking an increase in the number of refugees and displaced people worldwide to more than 103 million, the UN refugee chief said Wednesday.

World - International
9/15/2021 10:05:43 AM
Filippo Grandi said the world faces a difficult choice

World - International
6/18/2021 1:07:36 PM
The UN is planning for a possible increase in violence in Afghanistan when US troops withdraw after two decades, the global body's refugee chief said

World - Africa
1/14/2021 11:11:15 PM

World - International
9/1/2019 1:17:11 PM

World - Region
5/21/2017 7:50:50 PM

World - International
8/20/2015 4:09:32 PM

World - International
5/6/2015 4:57:15 PM

World - Region
1/6/2015 1:46:24 PM

World - Region
10/15/2014 5:06:49 PM

Egypt -
9/7/2014 6:38:10 PM
In exclusive Ahram Online interview, head of UN refugee agency says that Egypt can be a safe haven for refugees while still maintaining its security

World - Region
2/16/2014 3:41:03 PM

World - Region
6/20/2011 1:24:42 PM
Poor countries need more support in bearing the burden of refugee crises