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World - Region
9/13/2013 9:59:28 AM
Syria's made a formal bid to join the Chemical Weapons Convention, a move praised by the United Nations

Multimedia -
8/30/2013 5:03:30 PM
On July 8,2013 Egypt's new transitional government issued a mandate requiring Syrians to obtain a visa,and security clearance before arriving to Egypt. A decision which forced many Syrians living in Egypt to leave the country

Life & Style - Health
6/19/2013 5:10:48 PM
With one child in every three is overweight, WHO calls for new more strict food marketing regulations

World - International
6/8/2013 12:29:47 PM
Singaporeans denounce new government policy to obtain licenses for news websites, which is seen by protester as a form of censorship

Sports - Egyptian Football
6/6/2013 8:16:22 PM
The Cairo giants are unhappy with new regulations issued by the minister of sports

Egypt - Politics
4/29/2013 1:54:09 PM
Students are holding sit-in at dormitories complaining of poor services and demanding new regulations

Egypt - Politics
4/11/2013 9:39:23 PM
Parliament's upper house approves new law governing election/performance of Egypt's House of Representatives, defining electoral districts, spelling out voting regulations and stating who can – and can't – contest upcoming polls

World - Region
4/8/2013 9:26:52 PM
Reporters in Egypt's southern neighbour protest government regulations that they claim deter press freedoms

Egypt - Politics
2/23/2013 7:31:18 PM
Wasat Party head Abul-Ela Madi says publicised regulations and national dialogue must be the way for reconciling with former regime figures

Business - Economy
12/31/2012 12:32:09 PM
New foreign exchange mechanisms will help curb speculation on US dollar and maintain low inflation, say bankers

World - International
12/3/2012 6:03:53 PM
Hamadoun Toure, head of the UN telecommunications body, stressed that internet freedom will not be controlled as the World Conference on International Telecommunications just set off in Dubai to review regulations reached in 1988

Business - Economy
12/3/2012 11:34:58 AM
New regulations will not affect first category of consumer, whose monthly consumption currently stands at less than 50 kilowatts/second

Egypt - Politics
11/1/2012 11:56:23 AM
Government delays initiative to shut shops and restaurants early as it sets regulations for implementing decision, affirms Local Development Minister Ahmed Zaki Abdeen Wednesday

Business - Economy
10/26/2012 11:44:18 AM
Lagarde says delays in implementing new financial regulations could stall a global recovery

Opinion -
10/23/2012 1:08:55 PM
Foreign aid has contributed to a breakdown of trust among political players. Without proper regulations for state bodies and societies to receive aid, it will continue to drain Egypt

Business - Economy
9/17/2012 8:37:43 PM
Egyptian domestic workers seek to protect their rights by founding a syndicate which will lobby for rights and work regulations

Egypt - Politics
7/23/2012 3:35:04 PM
Cairo will facilitate the entry of Palestinians to Egypt, but will not entirely remove regulations, political officials tell Ahram Online

London 2012 - News
7/19/2012 6:40:10 PM
Michael Phelps is perturbed he can't wear insignias of the U.S. flag on both sides of his swimming cap at the London Olympics

World - Region
6/26/2012 5:23:24 PM
Iraq's Interior ministry gives dozens of media institutions 45 days from the date of issuing this statement to comply with legal regulations over licences

World - Region
6/13/2012 12:12:38 PM
While declining to comment on recently emergent reports that Russia was sending helicopters to aid the Bashar al-Assad regime, it nevertheless stated its deliveries were in line with UN regulations

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