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World - Region
1/31/2023 11:47:26 AM
Cypriots are voting Sunday for a new president who they'll expect to decisively steer the small island nation through shifting geopolitical sands and uncertain economic times that have become people's overriding concern, eclipsing stalemated efforts to remedy the country's ethnic division.

Al-Ahram Weekly - World
11/30/2021 10:52:52 PM
Ongoing fuel shortages will mean a cold winter for many in Lebanon, with imports of diesel by the Shia group Hizbullah unlikely to remedy the situation, writes Rita Boulos Chahwan

Al-Ahram Weekly - Features
7/9/2021 3:07:00 PM
Can Egypt’s new unified healthcare system remedy the problems that many medical doctors have long had to live with?

Sports - National Teams
12/28/2019 11:59:55 AM
In a series of stories, Ahram Online compiles the remarkable sporting events of 2019

Opinion -
9/5/2019 4:25:04 PM
Egypt has faced various challenges since 2013, which the government’s long-term investment strategies are designed to remedy

Business - Economy
1/26/2019 9:11:56 PM
Saudi Arabia has banned Egyptian onion imports, citing high levels of pesticides; some industry operators say more attention should be paid to picking and packing procedures with a view to promoting quality control

Opinion -
6/22/2018 10:00:40 AM
Cairo’s transport problems are likely to increase as the city grows, requiring concerted efforts to remedy them from the government, the private sector and civil society

World - International
9/28/2017 9:22:36 PM

Egypt - Politics
11/13/2016 10:44:16 AM
Sherif Ismael says the government's three-year economic reform programme is not only about remedying the state budget deficit

Sports - World
8/31/2015 10:54:11 AM

Opinion -
11/27/2013 10:07:39 AM
Egypt’s real interests lie in balanced relations with all world powers. Thus, boosting Cairo's relations with Moscow cannot be an alternative remedy to Egypt’s frustrating relationship with the US

World - Region
1/31/2013 7:14:51 PM
The UN human rights investigators say Israel must cease settlements & provide prompt remedy to the victims of violations of human rights, warning that its practices could be subject to prosecution as possible war crimes

Life & Style - Health
1/15/2012 10:43:38 AM
Chinese have long extolled the benefits of Tian Shan Xue Lian, a rare flower found in mountains that is revered as a panacea, an elixir so powerful it can supposedly bring the dead back to life

Life & Style - Health
11/2/2011 3:14:31 PM
Life is still life, even after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, says a modern day wonder woman and a doctor who lists MS treatment to Ahram Online

World - International
11/25/2010 8:47:54 PM
An EU bailout looks more likely for Ireland after a €15bn austerity package was announced on Wednesday. The question, however, remains whether more eurozone nations will follow suit.