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World - Region
3/4/2012 6:33:50 PM
Israeli president tells pro-Israel lobby AIPAC his country will prevail in a possible war on Iran, praises Obama's policy against the Mideastern oil-rich country
Business - Economy
3/2/2012 2:09:18 PM
Iranian officials describe the closing down of their accounts in VTB24 bank in Russia as surrender to US sanctions on Iran, while the bank says the decision was taken for 'business reasons'
Business - Economy
3/1/2012 1:52:39 PM
More sanctions on Iran oil exports could threaten global oil market
Business - Economy
2/29/2012 2:40:03 PM
UAE agrees to end financial dealings with Iran in compliance with economic sanctions intended to pressure the Islamic state over its alleged nuclear weapons programme
World - Region
2/28/2012 3:41:27 PM
Syria called upon countries to stop 'inciting sectarianism and providing arms' to opposition forces in the country, and charged that sanctions imposed by some countries were preventing Damascus from buying medicines and fuel
Business - Economy
2/28/2012 12:25:53 PM
HSBC USA unit might face legal charges over possibly illegal transactions involving Iran
World - Region
2/28/2012 12:00:00 PM
The European Union imposed sanctions on seven Syrian cabinet ministers for their role in a bloody crackdown on dissent, the latest move aimed at pressuring President Bashar al-Assad to step down
Business - Economy
2/27/2012 12:52:52 PM
New measures target cabinet ministers, prohibit trade in precious metals and place a ban on cargo flights
Business - Economy
2/26/2012 1:55:04 PM
Iran hits back against EU sanctions by refusing to deliver crude oil to Greece
Business - Economy
2/25/2012 3:55:23 PM
US lawmakers press SWIFT to block Iran's central bank and prevent Tehran from sending payment orders electronically around the world in ongoing Western attempts to deter country from its nuclear programme
Business - Economy
2/24/2012 2:28:57 PM
A slowdown of Iranian oil production would help the country's overworked reserves rebuild pressure and ease future pumping, say geologists
Business - Economy
2/24/2012 12:41:42 PM
US invokes 'national emergency' regulations, citing a potential threat to interests from the Gaddafi family and members of his deposed regime
World - Region
2/23/2012 1:18:14 PM
The Foreign Secretary rules out Libya-style military intervention in Syria, to push through with sanctions
World - Region
2/23/2012 12:57:17 PM
Backtracking on threats by Israeli officials of a strike on Iran over their nuclear programme, Shimon Peres expected to tell American president Barack Obama that Israel won't attack
Egypt - Politics
2/21/2012 7:28:54 PM
El-Naggar calls for Bakry's referral to ethics committee for alleged insults to ElBaradei in line with El-Eleimy's recent referral to committee for perceived insults to Tantawi
World - Region
2/18/2012 4:34:13 PM
Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak urges the world to increase sanctions on Iran before the country reaches a 'zone of immunity' where its nuclear programme becomes invulnerable to physical attack
Business - Economy
2/16/2012 2:56:44 PM
Despite the removal of sanctions and steadily climbing oil production, Libya's financial situation remains precarious
World - Region
2/16/2012 11:56:01 AM
An IAEA delegation will return to Tehran next Monday, Iran expresses willingness to continue negotiations on nuclear program after announcing progress in uranium enrichment
World - Region
2/15/2012 3:48:30 PM
Report says Iran not to halt oil exports to EU nations yet for humanitarian reasons
World - Region
2/15/2012 3:31:25 PM
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