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Arts & Culture - Film
10/22/2018 1:20:12 PM
This year's theme is 'the food revolution'

World - International
9/21/2018 6:31:49 PM
In a talk organised by the American University of Cairo, two professors of political science put forward their analysis of what's happening in America

Egypt - Politics
8/31/2018 4:10:42 PM
Sub-regional alliances will be more and more influential in managing the Middle East in the coming years, political science professor Mohamed Kamal tells Dina Ezzat

Business - Economy
7/25/2018 4:44:57 PM
The grants will be spent agriculture, higher education, science and technology, healthcare and governance

Business - Economy
7/5/2018 5:40:00 PM

Life & Style - City Lights
6/29/2018 9:08:32 PM

Opinion -
4/21/2018 4:21:05 PM
We suffer from a distinct lack of knowledge about young people who time and again take us completely by surprise

Life & Style - Health
4/1/2018 10:38:41 AM
WHO’s cancer agency moved coffee off the “possible carcinogen” list two years ago, though it says evidence is insufficient to rule out any possible role.

World - The Quest for Water
3/22/2018 4:05:12 PM
The UNESCO Division of Water Sciences provides a platform to bring together the scientific research community and policymakers, benefiting from the extended network of the UNESCO Water Family

World - Region
3/9/2018 8:50:50 PM

Life & Style - City Lights
1/18/2018 6:57:32 PM
The speakers include the head of the Egyptian-Russian Culture and Science organisation

Life & Style - Health
11/21/2017 12:12:49 PM
The dental science conference will begin in December with more than 120 experts participating from 24 countries

Life & Style - Health
9/9/2017 2:06:48 PM
A degenerative brain disease that it has been detected in the brains of nearly 200 football players after death is under question

World - International
8/10/2017 7:51:17 PM

Life & Style - Health
7/15/2017 9:12:52 AM
Men increasingly have choices if their cancer is found at an early stage

Arts & Culture - Film
6/29/2017 4:58:03 PM
The filmmaker's 2016 work Clash was Egypt's official submission for the 2017 Oscars, though it did not make it to the final list of nominees

World - Region
6/20/2017 3:38:01 PM
For Qatar, the Iranian option is suicide, the Turkish one ruinous, Abdel-Khalek Abdallah, professor of political science at the United Arab Emirates University, tells Ahmed Eleiba

Life & Style - Health
5/23/2017 12:27:28 PM
Medication-assisted treatment is backed by doctors. Yet it still has skeptics, especially among supporters of 12-step programs

Life & Style - Health
5/3/2017 2:05:18 PM
Pleasure. Craving. Withdrawal.

World - International
4/22/2017 9:39:21 PM

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