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11/29/2011 12:50:20 PM
Election day in violence-torn country is marred by string of deadly attacks by separatist group demanding referendum on secession

Business - Economy
11/9/2011 11:00:22 AM
Manpower problems and simmering dispute over border states after souther secession have slashed region's output

Business - Economy
10/31/2011 5:13:35 PM
Central bank governor says the country will gradually roll back subsidies to offset the loss of economically vital oil reserves due to the south's secession

World - Region
10/12/2011 11:46:10 AM
Ali Osman Taha says first shipments of arms to South Sudan separatists sent by Gaddafi and Al-Beidh; warns of foreign interventions in the Arab world

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10/9/2011 12:06:38 PM
Sudan and South Sudan will resolve their disagreements through dialogue, the two presidents said, but gave no hint of any progress after several meetings on Saturday

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10/8/2011 3:21:14 PM
South Sudanese President Salva Kiir arrived in Khartoum for his first visit since southern secession to discuss key unresolved issues, including Abyei and oil, that have undermined north-south relations

Business - Economy
10/1/2011 3:21:40 PM
Sudan's massive debt risks exacerbating a difficult economic situation as annual debt servicing costs hit about $1 billion following the secession of the south earlier this year, its foreign minister Ali Karti said

Business - Economy
9/21/2011 2:00:10 PM
Sudan slashes dues on 12 basic food items to head off an economic crisis that has pushed inflation to 21 per cent after oil revenues fell three-quarters after southern secession

Business - Economy
9/7/2011 11:21:44 AM
After the southern secession, north Sudan expects economic growth to slow and foresees difficulties in balancing its budget

World - Region
8/17/2011 4:54:08 PM
Ahram Online interviews Egypt's first ambassador to South Sudan, El-Dil’i, who paints a bright picture: assuring relations are good and that the South has everything under control

Business - Economy
7/31/2011 4:30:31 PM
The two Sudans fall out over oil transit and currency issues at the latest round of Ethiopia-hosted talks

Business - Economy
7/15/2011 11:10:34 AM
Food prices are rising fast in Khartoum, as secession of the oil-rich south leaves the north facing a shortfall of up to 30 per cent in state revenues

World - Region
7/13/2011 4:25:12 PM

Business - Economy
7/12/2011 11:47:03 AM
North's president announces austerity measures to make up for the loss of oil revenues after southern secession, including the issuing of a new currency

World - Region
7/11/2011 1:56:13 PM
Sudan's President Omar Hassan al-Bashir said on Monday that the disputed Abyei border region could be a source of conflict with newly independent South Sudan if agreements are not respected

World - Region
7/10/2011 12:25:21 PM
International representatives and high officials spoke on their hopes for the newest state, South Sudan, amidst all-night celebrations in the capital for their official secession

World - Region
7/9/2011 12:43:11 PM
On South Sudan's celebration today of their first day of independence, their officials say 'We share the fate of the North and we will not be part of any hostile action against Arab states'

World - Region
7/9/2011 11:32:31 AM
South Sudan is a strategic asset, which we cannot neglect or abandon' says Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed El-Orabi during the recent celebrations after S Sudan seceded

World - Region
7/9/2011 11:03:40 AM

World - Region
7/8/2011 4:42:20 PM
Sudan on Friday announced its official recognition of the new Republic of South Sudan a day before its southern neighbour becomes the world's newest nation

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