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World - International
12/8/2021 4:32:41 PM
The Omicron variant appears to be no worse than other coronavirus strains, top scientists from the WHO and the United States told AFP, while cautioning that more research is needed to judge its severity.

World - International
12/7/2021 9:43:02 PM
Top US scientist Anthony Fauci said Tuesday early indications suggested the Covid-19 Omicron variant was not worse than prior strains, and was possibly milder, while cautioning it would take weeks to judge its severity.

World - International
12/5/2021 8:25:32 PM
Early indications of the severity of the Omicron Covid-19 variant are "a bit encouraging," top US pandemic advisor Anthony Fauci said Sunday, while cautioning more information was still needed.

Life & Style - Health
1/17/2021 12:55:49 PM
COVID patients lack certain good bacteria known to regulate the immune system

World - International
12/22/2020 9:41:49 PM
According to the WHO there is currently "no evidence to indicate any change in disease severity"

World - Region
12/12/2020 10:00:52 AM
The broadcaster said the 'counter-revolutionary' Zam was hanged in the morning after the supreme court upheld his sentence due to 'the severity of the crimes'

Life & Style - Health
4/11/2018 11:41:19 AM
A severe brain injury increased the risk of later dementia by 35 percent compared with a person who never had brain trauma. A mild brain injury increased the risk by 17 percent

Sports - World
4/10/2015 4:22:00 PM

World - Region
9/3/2014 5:20:22 PM
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development explains the severity of Palestine's economic situation prior to the most recent assault on Gaza

World - Region
6/21/2013 12:03:39 PM
France, Germany and the European Union have all expressed regret at the severity of the sentences

World - Region
11/28/2012 5:39:02 PM
Saudi monarch appears on television, following his week-long absence as rumors emerged over the severity of his health

Life & Style - Multimedia
11/25/2012 11:04:57 AM
Mysterious. Rebellious. Tough. Woman. Iconic. The wardrobe of one of Mexico's most famed artists, Frida Kahlo, is now on exhibition revealing her delight in colour and the severity of her pain

World - Region
11/11/2012 3:06:01 PM
Israel army fires warning shots into Syria after mortar shell hits guard post in occupied Golan Heights, warns future fire from Syria will be responded to with severity

World - Region
9/21/2011 9:46:31 AM
A ceasefire is declared by the Yemeni government after at least 76 people have been killed since this week as anti-government demonstrators heighten the severity of their tone against the regime

World - International
4/2/2011 11:18:52 AM
Japan's unfolding nuclear disaster is "much bigger than Chernobyl" and could rewrite the international scale used to measure the severity of atomic accidents