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Al-Ahram Weekly - Entre nous
3/19/2024 8:22:41 PM
A fasting headache is a type of head pain that occurs after not eating for 16 hours or more. It is linked to low blood-sugar levels, dehydration, caffeine withdrawal and sleep deprivation

Sports - World
3/15/2024 4:33:30 PM
Mauricio Pochettino has urged Chelsea to book a return to Wembley in the FA Cup after revealing some of his nervous players were unable to sleep before their League Cup final defeat against Liverpool.

World - Region
3/8/2024 3:44:04 PM
"I don't sleep anymore," Latifa Abu Hamid said while looking at pictures of her children hanging on the walls of her living room, two women and 10 men, all have passed through Israeli prisons.

Sports - World
1/27/2024 10:31:26 AM
Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola said he will "sleep a bit better" after his "biggest rival" Jurgen Klopp rocked the football world with his shock decision to leave Liverpool at the end of this season.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
1/13/2024 6:56:07 PM
For a few hours every day or night, Dr. Suhaib Alhamss tries to sleep on a thin mattress in an operating room. He swings in and out of half-consciousness, both too tired to open his eyes and too tense to let go. Thunderous shellfire often rattles the windows of the hospital he directs in the southern Gaza Strip.

Sports - World
1/8/2024 11:28:57 AM
Igor Stimac says Indian football is "definitely out of its slumber" but the outspoken coach warned against big expectations at the Asian Cup starting on Friday in Qatar.

Sports - World
12/20/2023 8:35:14 PM
Brighton manager Roberto De Zerbi said on Wednesday his players will have a sleepless night as they contemplate a dream victory at Crystal Palace.

World - International
11/5/2023 10:43:40 AM
Thousands of villagers in the mountains of northwestern Nepal slept outdoors Saturday night in the bitter cold after an earthquake killed at least 157 people, injured 184 and damaged or destroyed most homes.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Entre nous
10/10/2023 5:35:25 PM
While factors like inadequate sleep and high-stress levels undoubtedly play a significant role, there are daily habits that could be silently draining your energy without your even realising it

World - International
10/5/2023 11:48:38 AM
They creep, they crawl, they feast on your blood as you sleep. They may travel in your clothes or backpacks to find another person worth dining on — on the subway, or at the cinema. Bedbugs go where you go, and they have become a nightmare haunting France for weeks.

Egypt - Urban & Transport
8/2/2023 7:55:37 PM
Egyptian Catering & Services Co. (Abela Egypt) announced on Tuesday that it began operating and managing all aspects of sleeper trains from Cairo to Upper Egypt after a handover from the National Sleeping Trains Company.

World - International
8/2/2023 11:19:15 AM
New York, once the gateway to the United States through Ellis Island and a city built by immigrants, is full, according to the mayor -- but migrants seeking a better life continue to arrive by the hundreds.

Sports - World
7/29/2023 11:49:42 AM
Spain's Women's World Cup team has been invited for a free night-out in the sleepy New Zealand city of Palmerston North after claims they quit their base there early out of boredom.

Sports - World
7/13/2023 2:07:00 PM
Dele Alli revealed on Thursday that he has recently come out of rehab for a sleeping pill addiction after struggling to deal with the trauma of suffering sexual abuse as a child.

Sports - Omni sports
6/7/2023 10:45:38 AM
Stefanos Tsitsipas pledged Tuesday to cut out "naps and melatonin" after admitting virtually sleepwalking into a French Open defeat by Carlos Alcaraz.

Arts & Culture - Music
5/5/2023 1:54:16 PM
The commuter trains that take wearied workers out of Moscow every day can be difficult — a long and slow trip in close quarters with strangers, some of them drinking alcohol or sprawled sleeping across the seats.

Sports - Multimedia
5/5/2023 12:15:27 PM

Sports - World
4/10/2023 11:08:13 PM
Thomas Tuchel is so fired up for Bayern Munich's Champions League quarter-final against Manchester City that the German has had trouble sleeping ahead of Tuesday's first leg.

Sports - World
3/31/2023 4:14:17 PM
New coach Thomas Tuchel said on Friday his first week at Bayern Munich "felt like a month" in preparation for Saturday's 'Der Klassiker' clash with league leaders Borussia Dortmund.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Music and dance
2/21/2023 9:01:39 PM

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