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Business - Economy
10/15/2011 1:35:18 PM
Android smartphone software is proving a serious draw for investors

Business - Economy
10/5/2011 12:50:39 PM
Additional features for Apple's smartphone disappoint fans, prompting an upturn in trader interest in competitors Samsung and LG

World - International
8/13/2011 1:22:28 PM
A media watchdog expresses concern at the cooperation between British authorities and the Canadian maker of BlackBerry smartphones to identify rioters

Business - Economy
7/6/2011 8:18:32 PM
Microsoft Corp has demanded that Samsung Electronics Co Ltd pay $15 for each smartphone handset it makes based on Google Inc's Android operating system

Business - Markets & Companies
1/18/2011 3:15:34 PM
2001 predicted to be the first year that more tablets and smartphones are sold than personal computers

World - International
1/13/2011 12:30:00 PM
The Canadian manufacturer of the popular smartphone claims it has found a solution to end a three-year deadlock with India

Business - Markets & Companies
1/6/2011 3:16:11 PM
HTC 2001 net profit higher than expected, reaching $1.3 billion thanks to growing demand

Business - Markets & Companies
1/6/2011 12:11:56 PM
Microsoft, the second-largest U.S. technology firm, plans to design a Windows operating system compatible with ARM chips for smartphones and tablet computers

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