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War on Gaza - War on Gaza
6/27/2024 12:35:12 PM
After surviving Israel's horrific blasts and bombardments, patients in Gaza's few standing hospitals are dying in droves from infections resulting from a lack of protective gear and soap due to obstacles set by Israel to aid delivery.

Books - Reviews
3/31/2024 6:20:00 PM
Al-Dawah Al-Ismailia fi Masr (The Ismaili Sect in Egypt) offers a comprehensive understanding of one of the most controversial orders in Shia Islam that gained attention this month with the screening of the soap opera Al-Hashashin (The Assassins).

Arts & Culture - Screens
6/27/2023 6:09:14 PM
​Clad in a figure-hugging dress, Dineo gets into a fancy car driven by her sugar daddy, kissing her benefactor as her boyfriend Quinton watches miserably from a distance.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Heritage
6/6/2023 10:27:25 PM
Cairo’s Al-Zaher Baybars Mosque has regained its original splendour after having been used as a fort, a soap factory, and even a slaughterhouse over the past two centuries, writes Nevine El-Aref

Arts & Culture - Screens
4/13/2023 7:07:53 PM
Directed by the Syrian Al-laith Hajjo, the historical soap opera Resalet Al-Imam (The Imam's Message) retraces the journey of the famous Muslim scholar Mohamad Idriss Al-Shafei in Egypt

Antiquities - Ancient Egypt
12/13/2022 12:17:00 PM
A British mission from Cambridge University working at Tell El-Amarna necropolis in Minya governorate in Upper Egypt discovered a small collection of gold and steatite (soapstone) jewellery in an 18th Dynasty (1550 to 1292 BC) cemetery.

Arts & Culture - Entertainment
3/6/2022 5:00:45 PM
Mitchell Ryan, who played a villainous general in the first “Lethal Weapon” movie, a ruthless businessman on TV's “Santa Barbara” and had character roles on the soap opera “Dark Shadows” and the 1990s sitcom “Dharma & Greg,” died Friday. He was 88.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Entre nous
3/21/2021 6:56:00 PM

Al-Ahram Weekly - Entre nous
8/25/2020 8:02:57 PM

Arts & Culture - Entertainment
4/25/2020 5:24:10 PM
With families spending Ramadan evenings at home, three television series and one programme have become the most viewed and shared by social media users

Life & Style - Health
3/19/2020 2:31:22 PM

Al-Ahram Weekly - Living
3/9/2020 12:32:00 PM
One Libyan woman’s recent workshop on natural handmade soap for tourists and others in Cairo was an outcome of a very remarkable career

Life & Style - Health
6/27/2019 4:55:16 PM
Triclosan has been widely used for years in soaps, hand sanitizers, toothpaste and mouthwash

Life & Style - Health
12/27/2018 8:55:48 PM
One Syrian woman, Hala Droubi talks about her initiative to help devastated Syrian women make ends meet

Life & Style - Health
9/17/2016 12:56:02 PM
Some experts even recommend not using soap

Arts & Culture - Entertainment
5/22/2016 5:28:50 PM
Ahram Online brings to you the list of television series to be aired during the upcoming holy month of Ramadan on a variety of channels available in Egypt and the region

World - International
5/1/2016 7:27:37 PM

Egypt - Politics
6/27/2015 11:10:25 AM
Soap opera Haret Al-Yahoud ("The Jewish Alley") set in 1940s Cairo is misleading about Egyptian Jews, and about the record of the Muslim Brotherhood, Arie, who is Jewish by birth and lived through the period, tells Ahram Online.

Arts & Culture - Entertainment
3/25/2015 10:05:35 AM

Arts & Culture - Film
8/12/2014 9:19:01 PM

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