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World - Region
1/22/2014 4:19:14 PM
Nabil Fahmy uses speech at Geneva II to invite Syrian opposition groups to Cairo for talks on unifying their positions

Business - Economy
1/12/2014 6:22:02 PM
Several stocks close in the black a day after El-Sisi's speech, in which he said he would run for president should the people 'request it'

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
1/5/2014 7:40:46 PM

Books -
12/11/2013 6:59:21 PM
Writer Khaled Khalifa, winner of the 2013 Naguib Mahfouz Medal for Literature devoted his speech to question the role of writing under the fierce crackdown in Syria and the role of Naguib Mahfouz, master of the Arabic novel

World - Region
11/21/2013 11:49:40 AM

Egypt - Politics
11/20/2013 8:31:17 PM
The speech will be broadcast on state TV

World - Region
11/15/2013 2:32:57 PM
Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah made a speech on the occasion of Ashura, a Shiite festival, pledging support for the Syrian regime

World - International
11/7/2013 9:55:40 AM
Amnesty International called the government of Vietnam to end the 'alarming clampdown on free speech'

World - Region
11/4/2013 5:16:22 PM
FM makes speech in news conference with John Kerry, who is currently visiting Saudi Arabia

World - Region
11/1/2013 11:49:28 AM
Iraqi PM Nuri Al-Maliki has sought to drum up US support, calling in a speech on Thursday for an international war against 'terrorism'

World - Region
10/30/2013 7:29:32 PM
French President Francois Hollande refuses making speech in Knesset; Israel cancels ceremony in his honor in return

Egypt - Politics
10/25/2013 11:50:05 PM
Some analysts believe Islamists are using hate speech and attacks against Coptic Christians in their ongoing fight for power

World - Region
10/24/2013 2:57:40 PM
The prosecutor confronted Marzooq with his public speeches in which he allegedly supported the "principles of terror elements"

Arts & Culture - Music
10/19/2013 2:15:31 PM
'This verdict gives me hope for Tunisia's youth,' rapper Klay BBJ says after sentence annulled in controversial free speech case

Egypt - Politics
10/7/2013 1:07:58 AM
Egypt's army chief vows to ‘continue fighting terrorism’ in a speech to mark the 40th anniversary of the war against Israel

Business - Economy
10/5/2013 9:12:00 PM
President Mansour's 1973 anniversary speech includes plans to re-start nuclear power project and Suez Canal development plant

World - Region
10/3/2013 9:51:54 PM
In an unprecedented public expression of discontent Saudi Arabia cancels a scheduled speech at the General Assembly on Tuesday in protest of UN positions on Syria and the Arab-Israeli conflict

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
9/30/2013 8:53:49 PM
The practice of political cartooning could serve as a barometer, measuring permissible speech of a given moment in Egypt

Egypt - Politics
9/25/2013 9:26:26 PM
Barack Obama's comments at the UN are being seen by some in Egypt as a sign of US acceptance of Morsi's ouster

World - Region
9/25/2013 7:31:15 PM
Iranian press pleased with Obama's tone with regards to Iran in his UN speech, calling it 'moderate and respectful'

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