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World - International
9/15/2021 10:02:59 PM
The Taliban came to the compound after the rally and forced several of the protesters to leave. Their current whereabouts are not known

World - Region
6/20/2021 11:27:03 AM
The complex, complete with bunker and a warren of underground tunnels, was Kadhafi's home and the site from where he ruled Libya for four decades

World - International
8/24/2017 5:23:51 PM

World - International
5/21/2015 6:00:39 PM
In a public lecture at the AUC, prominent South African historian calls for a broader understanding of South African history

World - International
4/16/2014 7:47:30 PM

World - International
12/13/2012 2:26:05 PM
Almost 2,850 properties are illegally occupied by squatters in the Italian capital Rome due to the growing economic problems

Business - Economy
11/5/2011 1:33:00 PM
The full story behind the removal of thousands of illegal occupants from a Cairo suburb last week shines a disturbing light on the immensity of Egypt's housing crisis, as Ahram Online discovers

Egypt - Politics
10/27/2011 5:32:26 PM
Squatters refuse to abandon housing units despite tear gas and arrests; Army vows to eject them by force following 48-hour deadline

Egypt - Politics
6/6/2011 5:37:44 PM
The attack on workers of the Central Administration for Protecting Arable Lands by the squatters they were trying to remove caused the closure of an int'l highway in Egypt

World - Region
3/10/2011 10:35:17 AM
Demonstrators occupy Seif al-Islam Gaddafi's expensive house in north London