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Business - Tech
3/25/2024 9:00:39 PM
The young voices in the messages left for North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis were laughing, but the words were ominous.

Business - Economy
1/17/2024 12:05:46 PM

War in Sudan - War in Sudan
6/25/2023 6:22:00 PM
Artillery fire, air strikes and gun battles rocked Sudan's capital on Saturday, witnesses told AFP, as the UN urged a stop to "wanton killings" that have left decomposing bodies in Darfur.

World - War in Ukraine
5/17/2023 3:45:47 PM
Hungary is blocking the release of another 500 million euros from EU funds to cover the cost of weapons for Ukraine, Budapest and European diplomats said.

World - War in Ukraine
12/15/2022 4:34:45 PM
Polish resistance is holding up efforts to ratify an EU deal on a minimum corporate tax and to send 18 billion euros ($19 billion) of aid to Ukraine, diplomats said Thursday.

World - International
9/18/2022 5:29:55 PM
Fiona strengthened into a hurricane Sunday as it bore down on Puerto Rico, where people braced for severe wind and torrential rains., and nearly five years have gone by since Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, and no one has offered Jetsabel Osorio Chevere's family a plastic tarp or zinc panels to replace the roof that the Category 4 storm ripped off the two-story home in an impoverished corner in the north coast town of Loiza.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
6/23/2022 12:08:28 PM
Egypt hopes to jump-start the action needed to face a warming world when it takes the presidency of major UN climate talks in November but warns that countries need a "reality check" as progress stalls.

World - International
10/2/2021 6:10:19 PM
President Joe Biden on Saturday acknowledged frustrations as Democrats strain to rescue a scaled-back version of his $3.5 trillion government-overhaul plan and salvage a related public works bill after frantic negotiations failed to produce a deal.

World - Region
7/29/2021 12:20:49 PM
Politicians and senior security officials have yet to be questioned in a formal investigation

World - International
3/3/2021 10:26:30 AM
Foreign Ministers from Southeast Asian neighbours urged restraint but failed to unite behind a call for the military to release ousted government leader Aung San Suu Kyi and restore democracy

Sports - World
2/13/2021 9:32:19 PM
The win puts Napoli in fourth, level on 40 points with Roma and Lazio and two behind third-placed Juve

World - International
10/20/2020 9:45:54 PM
Washington’s decision to impose financial sanctions on the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court is overshadowing the search for her successor

Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt
10/9/2020 7:10:13 PM
Two weeks before the first polls open, political parties are staking out the battleground in the House of Representatives election

World - International
10/1/2020 6:57:26 PM

World - International
4/13/2020 5:20:10 PM

World - International
12/8/2018 8:16:42 AM

Business - Economy
10/23/2018 1:31:03 PM

World - Region
5/12/2018 3:27:32 PM

Egypt - Politics
5/26/2017 7:06:25 PM

World - Region
1/27/2017 1:44:27 PM

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