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Business - Economy
3/14/2021 10:58:00 PM
This was attributed to the great attention paid by the state to the energy sector, becoming a key driver for economic growth

Egypt - Politics
1/31/2021 9:35:31 PM
The project, implemented in cooperation with Spanish producer of blood plasma-based products Grifols, comes within the state’s efforts to achieve self-sufficiency of plasma-derived medicines and products

Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt
1/27/2021 3:00:00 PM
President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi inaugurated the Middle East’s largest fish-farming project in Port Said this week

Egypt - Politics
9/27/2020 11:35:56 AM
The country aims to achieve self-sufficiency by the end of 2023

World - Region
7/14/2020 12:25:32 PM

World - International
4/14/2020 7:21:38 PM

Egypt - Politics
2/17/2020 4:24:00 PM
Egypt is looking to become a regional gas hub through its self-sufficiency in liquefied natural gas and promising gas exploration opportunities

Egypt - Politics
12/15/2019 5:42:24 PM
The prime minister hailed the cooperation between Egypt and the World Food Programme to achieve food self-sufficiency as part of Egypt's Vision 2030 goals

Egypt - Politics
8/7/2019 11:43:58 AM
The new complex, which is considered the largest in North Africa, achieves self-sufficiency for Egypt in fertilizers and compounds, and also enables the government to export the surplus

Business - Economy
12/25/2018 5:29:28 PM
The ministry stated that Egypt has reached an average production of 660,000 oil and oil condensates daily in 2018

Business - Economy
9/29/2018 4:59:03 PM
Petroleum Minister announces Egypt has achieved self-sufficiency in gas production

Business - Economy
6/21/2018 4:24:44 PM
Egypt seeks to speed up production from recently discovered gas fields, with the aim of halting gas imports by 2019 and achieving self-sufficiency

Business - Economy
3/7/2018 2:55:53 PM
The fields are expected to produce 500-700 million cubic feet of gas per day

Business - Economy
2/12/2018 4:38:56 PM
The country’s petroleum minister El-Molla said on Monday Egypt’s current gas production stood at 5.5 billion cubic feet per day

Business - Economy
1/5/2018 3:42:01 PM
A look at the potential of the local gas sector in the wake of the Zohr Field starting production in December

Business - Economy
12/13/2017 8:46:51 PM

Business - Economy
8/30/2015 3:38:02 PM
Egypt aims to reach self-sufficiency with natural gas within 5 years as a result of Eni's discovery, as well as other possible findings, according to a petroleum ministry spokesperson

Business - Economy
1/31/2014 5:13:17 PM
No more French wheat for Egypt's main staple food as imports will now require less than 13 percent moisture

Business - Economy
9/27/2012 8:36:45 PM
Senior economist at the UN's food and agricultural body says country remains vulnerable to hikes in commodity prices, but praises tentative moves towards self-sufficiency

Egypt - Politics
7/11/2012 8:21:08 PM
Revolutionary youth movement reveals new campaign supporting programmes increasing efficient use of country's national resources, in Wednesday press conference

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