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Sports - World
10/8/2021 4:55:57 PM
Newcastle fans are dreaming of Premier League glory after a Saudi-led takeover propelled the club into the ranks of the super-rich but Amnesty International branded the deal a "bitter blow for human rights defenders"

Life & Style - Style
5/11/2017 12:03:24 PM
Naturally coloured diamonds occur because of structure, formed when they were created at great pressure in the earth's crust, that refracts light to produce coloured rather than white stones.

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
9/8/2013 1:17:44 PM
A revival of ancient art forms in Nigeria coincides with a turn by the country's super rich elite and small but growing middle class towards art as a store of wealth

Business - Economy
9/25/2012 11:14:52 AM
New report indicates that the region's richest were largely immune from the global economic downturn

Business - Economy
9/19/2012 7:04:56 PM
According to Singapore-based due-diligence firm, there are 490 'super-rich' people in Egypt collectively worth some $65 billion