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World - International
10/5/2021 1:15:48 PM
The 27 heads of state and government will meet at Brdo Castle in Slovenia, the country that currently holds the EU's rotating presidency

World - International
7/8/2021 1:20:21 PM
The administration is mindful that punitive actions against Russia can escalate into tit-for-tat exchanges that heighten tensions between nuclear superpowers

Opinion -
11/12/2020 4:50:00 PM
The new Biden administration in the United States must not look to previous policies on the Middle East given the scale of the changes that have taken place in the region, writes Ezzat Ibrahim

Al-Ahram Weekly - Culture
7/26/2020 2:49:18 AM
When the US emerged as the sole superpower following the collapse of the Soviet Union the unipolar world order did not last for very long

Opinion -
4/18/2020 1:39:00 PM
In the wake of Covid-19, Washington in all likelihood will remain a leading superpower, but will not be the sole arbiter of world affairs

Al-Ahram Weekly - Sports
9/29/2019 2:36:01 PM
Football is the world’s number one sport in every country, but squash is becoming the pride of many Egyptians

Egypt - Politics
5/8/2019 1:43:02 PM
Hani Shukrallah, writes Pascale Ghazaleh, had a superpower: the ability to see people for who they needed to become

Life & Style - Health
3/28/2019 10:33:56 AM
The system, dubbed “Superpower Glass,” helps them decipher what’s happening with people around them

Opinion -
2/11/2019 9:26:17 AM
As the crisis in the country unfolds, Venezuela is in danger of becoming a pawn in the hands of the superpowers, writes Azza Sedky

Opinion -
2/2/2019 3:42:53 PM
Can Europe realise its ambitions to become a global superpower like the US and China

Multimedia -
4/4/2018 9:02:41 PM
Wednesday marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Reverend MLK, who played a key role in a civil rights movement that shook a superpower

Opinion -
3/10/2018 9:31:43 PM
As tensions between the US and Russia continue, there is a real danger that the world may be entering a new period of cold war between the superpowers

World - Region
2/22/2018 8:06:44 PM
US forces killed some 200 Russian fighters in Deir Al-Zor in eastern Syria this week in the first fatal engagement between the two countries since the end of the Cold War

Business - Economy
5/11/2017 3:19:47 PM

Business - Economy
2/15/2017 5:34:53 PM
Forty British companies showcased their portfolios at an oil and gas event in Cairo this week

World - International
8/27/2015 8:25:53 PM

World - Region
8/29/2014 3:46:14 PM
As the US mulls military involvement in Syria, Ahram Online untangles the diplomatic web of consequences behind direct strikes

World - Region
9/8/2013 8:47:04 PM
Israeli press paints America as a deteriorating superpower as it fails to build a case for a possible Syria attack and have allies join its boat

World - Region
4/21/2013 9:42:24 PM
Changes in presidency will not affect Iran's stance in nuclear talks, top Iranian nuclear negotiator said

World - International
3/5/2013 2:17:57 PM
Russia marks the 60th anniversary of Joseph Stalin's death, with the nation divided about whether to view him as a tyrant who slaughtered millions or a saviour who helped turn the country into a global superpower

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